Everyone has to die eventually. What matters is the choices you make while you're alive. Killing may make humans feel strong in the moment, but what I've begun to realize is true strength comes from choosing not to kill. Maybe being truly human is about choosing to love instead. But with that love comes the pain that I feel inside me. I need to go home. Hopefully, the further I get from them, the less I will care. Finally, I will be at peace again.


Real quick. I left some pizzas in my freezer. You can have them if you want.


It's you. You are the reason I feel the joy and the fury all wrapped up.


You are not running away from this. And you're are not alone. I can help you.


You guys are like Daredevil and the Black Widow.


If you think I'm afraid to kill everybody, you are dumb. I can press this button at any time. If you agree with me and I am right and you are wrong, then just sit there dead and don't say anything. OK then. We agree. Goodbye only human in the room.


Dead Harry: You're afraid to kill everyone.
Harry: No, I'm not. My people do not feel fear.
Dead Harry: Yes, but you're not your people anymore, are you? You've been infected with humanity.

You're friends with an alien, and Jay's a bad idea?


Everyone has to die. It is the normal cycle of life for beings across the universe. Some may live longer than others, but every organism comes into being and then ceases being. The animals know this. They live in harmony with the earth as it was meant to be. Everyone I kill with my device is going to die anyway. At least I'm killing them for a good reason.


Mike: Hey, hey! It's OK to ask for help!
Louis: Look who's talkin'.

Harry: The astronauts did land on the moon.
Asta: Good.
Harry: And their bodies were taken over before they returned.

Put your hands behind your back. Turn around and put your hands behind your back. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You got the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, I'd be surprised because this salon is bangin'.

Sheriff Mike

Resident Alien Quotes

Max: At least you're OK.
Harry: If Asta wasn't there, I would be dead. Except now, she knows the truth about me.
Max: You told her?! I thought this whole alien thing was our secret.
Harry: It stopped being a secret when you told your little friend over there in the head covering!
Max: She must have followed me. Don't worry. She's not going to tell anyone. She swore to Allah.
Max: Allah knows?! How many people have you told?!

[after his first kiss with D'Arcy] Ah! It's rigor mortis! My penis is dying!