RuPaul: My queen, is there anything you’d like to say?
Shea Coulee: My name is Shea Coulee and I didn’t come to slay … I came to win!

Shea Coulee: Juju, go over there and tickle the hole.
Jujubee: No!
[A face appears at the hole]
Shea Coulee: What is that? Did you see that?!
Jujubee: White girl, go first! [Pushes Miz Cracker]
Miz Cracker: Why me?
Jujubee: Have you ever seen scary movies?!

There was no campaigning. I’m confused about that. There was no campaigning!

Mayhem Miller

Todrick Hall: Do you have any questions, Jujubee?
Jujubee: What are the feet doing?
Todrick Hall: At what part?
Jujubee: All of it.
[Todrick falls to floor laughing]
Jujubee: I’m sorry!
Todrick Hall: He said all of it!

[In confessional] Ugh, God, the first week I vote for her, and she’s crazy upset and she’s taking it personally. And now, honestly, I don’t know why she’s not fighting harder for herself. Like, who is this Mayhem and why have you checked?


I might be pretty on the outside, but on the inside, I’m pure garbage.

Shea Coulee

I’m not just sickening, I’m contagious.

Alexis Mateo

Jujubee: If I’m going down, you’re going down.
Miz Cracker: I have gone down. I know you’re going down too, if you play our cards right.
Ross Mathews: What?
Jujubee: I’m still wearing the butterfly ring you gave me.
Miz Cracker: Oh please, let your butterfly flap a little more for me, love. All you have to do is tell these reporters that absolutely nothing is going on between us.
Blair St. Clair: Wait … what, Mom?!
Jujubee: I love you, but I can’t

I haven’t made a friend in years because in my head, I’m like, “Don’t get used to this. There will come a day when they don’t want to talk to you anymore.” If I knew why people thought I was difficult, I would fix it.
[Miz Cracker tears up]

Miz Cracker

I am furious about you giving up so fast in the competition. I cannot let it go. So, my vote is for you to go home.
[Alexis raises Ongina’s lipstick and votes her out]

Alexis Mateo

Blair St. Clair: Remember too, if Shea wins the lipsync and not the assassin, our vote doesn’t matter.
Alexis Mateo: Gosh, I need to have sex.
[All the queens laugh]

I have so much more to give and I want to give it, and I know I have the hunger and the drive. I want to be here so bad! But you don’t have to deliberate with me because these two do not deserve to go home tonight. This is not me giving up, this is the fairest thing for me to do.


RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Quotes

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman: Contestant #2, I’m originally from Canada, so if we went up there for a winter visit, how would you keep me warm at night?
Jujubee: [As Eartha Kitt] I would sensually walk to the thermostat and turn up the thermostat to a sensible 74 degrees.
[RuPaul laughs through it all]

Michelle Visage: I’ll even forgive that one-inch heel you’ve got on your foot.
Alexis Mateo: You gotta love it, goddammit! I stoned it for you!
[They all laugh]