Zor-El: Do you believe me, Kara? Because I believe in you.
Kara: I believe you, Dad. I believe in you. I believe in us.

Nia: Do you ever just think how wild it is that you can, like, make a portable sun?
Lena: Says the woman who can see the future and wild dream energy.

I have always done whatever it takes to protect my sister, and I sure as hell am not stopping now.


Alex: Kelly, are you sure that you want to come with us? I mean, stepping into a new dimension, that isn't something you signed up for.
Kelly: For Kara, for you...I'll do anything.

Nia: How long were we gone?
Kelly: About three days.
Brainy: Three days, Sprock! I am a terrible time traveler.

Nia: My mom, I called her.
Brainy: Nia...How could you...why?
Nia: Because I can't interpret my dreams and I need help! I didn't talk to her, I just...I just needed to hear her voice and feel close to her.

Kenny: I really, really hope she likes it.
Brainy: Of course, she will. There's nothing women like more than physics well applied. That and a modicum of emotional vulnerability.

Kenny: Still, can't you use your ring to, you know, Dumbledore something up?
Brainy: No. What? No! It's physically impossible to to create something out of nothing, Kenny!

Nia: In 2009, I was twelve. Is this really what people wore to prom?
Brainy: Yes, ergo, it is the perfect disguise to will allow us to chillax on our mission. "Chillax" being a key 2009 phrase, along with "flossy," "totes," and, of course, the immortal, "wassup?"

You have a huge heart, Lena. And wanting to save Kara, that doesn't make you any less of a hero.


Alex: Give me the device.
Lena: Alex, I hear what you're saying, but I have to bring Kara back. You see, it's my fault. It was my brother who sent her to the Phantom Zone. It was my experiments that empowered him. It was my war with Supergirl that started all of this. So if this is my only chance to make it right, then I have to do it.
Alex: Okay, Lena, listen to me. Nobody blames you for this. Kara doesn't blame you for this. You two already forgave each other for everything that happened in the past. So it's time for you to forgive yourself. And all that really matters is that you do the right thing today.

We may not always agree. And, at times, that may break us apart. But, in the end, we always come back together. Stronger than ever.


Supergirl Quotes

Beth: You know it's true what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman.
Lena: I wouldn't know, I've never stood behind a man.

Kara: I feel like -
Alex: You got punched by Superman?
Kara: Repeatedly.