Roan: She wouldn't be taken alive. I am sorry.
Echo: It was a good death.

Careful, Reyes. Emori's already got dibs on me.


You know, someday when all this is over, you're gonna realize that foam bit was funny.


What a shame. You were giving Jaha a run for his money there... Jaha-lite.


Echo: It's over Octavia. Don't fight it. Roan wants you alive. Come quietly.
Octavia: That'll happen.

Jaha: The list was pragmatic. But the people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.
Clarke: I hope you're right.

Of course Clarke and Bellamy should be included. Strong leadership is essential for survival.


Luna, it's not your blood that defines you – it's your heart.


Do you really think you deserve to be saved?


Kane isn't here. That's just an excuse. You're the one saying you live, and Harper dies. You're the one shock-batonning Jasper then arresting him. You're the one going too far and using the same old justification – "It's all for my people."


Who are you? When did you become this person?

Monty [to Clarke]

The alliance is broken. It's war.