Ilian. Avenge me.

Ilian's mother

You are a terrible influence.

Abby [to Kane]

This isn't just about saving us. I made a promise to Roan. It's about saving everyone.


All we have to do is patch up the ship. We're standing in our viable solution.


Miller: Pike was a dictator.
Bryan: He was an elected chancellor. And if you don't care about that, he kept me alive for three months.
Miller: Then why did you help us turn him over to the grounders?
Bryan: To save you, Nate.

Oh, please. Tell me about another pointless task Clarke has roped you into. Or, better yet, don't.


"King" Roan hasn't returned to Ice Nation in three years. The banished prince is not my king.


Raven: Who the hell am I giving them orders? I'm not the chief.
Clarke: And I'm not the Chancellor. But here we are. For what it's worth, there's nobody I trust more to do this than you.

Echo: Why accept this challenge at all? You're a king, make your own rules.
Roan: I told you. I won't be that kind of king.

Well, that went well.


Clarke: I'm trying to make sure we have more than six months. Which is why these people need to get back to work.
Jasper: I didn't force them to stop. I guess they think it's the end of the day and not, y'know, the end of days.
Clarke: Don't you want us to survive, Jasper?
Jasper: Nah, I don't want us to survive. I want us to live.

Clarke: You locked me up. You floated my father.
Jaha: And now you understand why. No leader starts out wanting to lie or imprison or execute their people. The decisions you face just whittle you down, piece by piece.
Clarke: So what do I do?
Jaha: I'll tell you what I told your mother after the culling – we make the best decisions that we can with the information that we have. Then hope that there's a forgiving god.