Karen: What happens next with the case?
Kreizler: More deaths. Today's events guaranteed it.

Sara: Did [John] say anything?
Kreizler: Only mumbled about you're willing to go to avoid either confrontation or conversation, I forget which.
Sara: Both apply.

Sara: Mrs. Mallory Hunter? We have some questions about your daughter.
Mallory: I read the papers. I've been expecting you.

Kreizler: The club ... have you been there before?
Karen: Are you asking professionally or personally? I like to keep my mind open to new experiences, new feelings.

Alice: So you like to watch?
Kreizler: Observation is the best form of instruction.
Karen: Next to practice, of course.

John: What do you suppose he's up to?
Sara: Byrnes? Drawing blood all over the city, no doubt. Why engage in police work when violence and intimidation will suffice?

In belonging to you, I will finally belong.

Violet [to John]

We're going to be happy, Goo-Goo. We're going to be happy.

Libby [to Knox]

Karen: Grandiosity and self-doubt are ...
Kreizler: Fatal.
Karen: They can be.

[Libby] slipped through my fingers, Bitsy. If she strikes again, I'll never be able to shed the guilt.

Sara [to Bitsy]

Violet: Sometimes, it's as if the whole of New York whispers when I pass by: "There goes that poor, unwanted, misbegotten thing."

I lost my baby. She was stolen from me.


The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Quotes

Martha: What are they calling me? Are they calling me a monster, Dr. Kreizler?
Kreizler: You are not a monster, Martha. It is the world that is monstrous.

Deputy Warden: In my book, butchering your own child is a crime against God and man.
Kreizler: Despite your polished shoes and shiny buttons, Deputy Warden, I do not believe your uniform gives you the right to pass sentence.