John: In my mind, it was easy enough to tell you how I felt, what this has meant. But words fail me. All I want is to be worthy of you, Sara.
Sara: You are engaged to be married, John. It's just not that simple.
John: It could be.

John: There's no harm in acknowledging one's successes.
Sara: Nor one's failures, I suppose.

Kreizler: You're being modest. It was you who championed this case. She's safe because of you.
Sara: Thank you, Laszlo.

Kreizler: To what shall we drink?
Karen: Let us drink to getting drunk.

Sara: This precaution isn't necessary. I appreciate your concern but I do not require a chaperone.
John: Well, you're in luck. My presence is required elsewhere this evening.

I won't forget you, little cat. I remember all my babies.

Libby [to Anna]

Sara: Bitsy nearly died.
Kreizler: Sentimentality will do us little good in our search for [Libby].

[Libby] stood right in front of me and I didn't even see her.

Sara [to Kreizler]

John: This is monstrous.
Kreizler: It is appalling, I'll grant you, but equally it's enthralling.

This is all your fault. Stop looking at me, you stupid thing. Stupid, stupid. You stupid thing.

Libby [to Maureen]

Kreizler: I would very much like to ... Perhaps we could discuss ...
Karen: My card. Do call on me.

A time for reckoning comes to us all.

Kreizler [to Osgood]

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Quotes

Martha: What are they calling me? Are they calling me a monster, Dr. Kreizler?
Kreizler: You are not a monster, Martha. It is the world that is monstrous.

Deputy Warden: In my book, butchering your own child is a crime against God and man.
Kreizler: Despite your polished shoes and shiny buttons, Deputy Warden, I do not believe your uniform gives you the right to pass sentence.