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Red: You don't know what [Townsend] will do.
Liz: Then let's find out.

Harold, I need you to extract [Stepanov]. Please.

Red [to Harold]

So how rich am I?

Priya [to Townsend]

Harold: The ironies abound.
Red: They do. The question is what are we going to do about it.

Dembe: We both know who did this.
Red: Elizabeth and Townsend.

I have a lot of whys. Let's hope you have some answers.

Townsend [to Stepanov]

Red [to Obenrader]: There are only two things I consult: my gut and my friend [Dembe].

Park: Do you think he bought it?
Ressler: I bought it.

Red: I want to be your angel.
Priya: Not interested.

I agree it's a terrible idea. But every other idea is worse.


Aram: That was a question, not a compliment.
Liz: It sounded like an acknowledgment and I don't get many of those these days.

I did not come all this way just to eat your croissant.

Liz [to Aram]
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