You fight like a boy.


Speed Force: Barry, you helped me be reborn. And now you're keeping me safe. Of course, I want to help you.
Barry: I keep telling you, I didn't ask for help! Look, you chose me to be the hero. So, let me be the hero.

Barry: Frost's ice crystals are usually hexagonal.
Kramer: It's Killer Frost, Officer Allen. And you seem to know a lot about her powers.
Barry: Yeah, I've worked her crime scenes. And she's never killed anyone.

Holy Baby Grogu.


Frost: Look, I'm not some thug anymore, okay? I've grown.
Cecile: I know that, honey. I do. Look, I'm one of the people that you kidnapped.

Speed Force: Don't worry. If you need me, I'll sense it and I'll be there in a heartbeat.
Barry: Great.

He could stop you in your tracks anytime, anywhere. That's his power. It's like he's the opposite of the Speed Force. He's the Still Force. Which I guess would make Fuerza the Strength Force. And that would make Psych the Sage Force.


Chester: Do you do this kind of thing a lot for him?
Quincy: Everything I do is for him. He's the reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Chester: But don't you ever resent having to work so hard 24/7?
Quincy: I'm the boy's father. And Chester's worth any sacrifice I have to make. Besides, when it comes to him, I don't believe in quitting.
Chester: So you don't care about your work more than your son? You care about your work because of him.
Quincy: I'm just a man trying to do the right thing. Make my son proud.

Speed Force: I never took into account how much his mother's death might still weigh on him. What have I done? I'll change my appearance. Appear in my true form to all of you from now on as lightning because I can't keep hurting him like this.
Iris: You're not causing him pain. You're giving him a gift.
Speed Force: How?
Iris: It's like how his blanket reminds him of his mom. And that memory gives him comfort and peace, it's the same thing with you.
Speed Force: So, I'm not a painful reminder?
Iris: No, not at all. You are a happy one. I may be his lightning rod, but you are his lightning.
Speed Force: Thank you.

Cisco: I think we just time-traveled.
Chester: Really? So, tonight we're gonna party like it's 1998?

Cisco and Chester: Team Chesco's on the case!
Cisco: Let's get it!
Iris: Separated at birth.

Iris: Do you remember what happened?
Speed Force: Only some of it. When I was reborn, I was surrounded by light and love. Then came the pain. I could feel these Forces of Nature were like me, only evil.

The Flash Quotes

You didn't call, you didn't write, didn't race over...


You're starting to do that thing Oliver does, Barry. Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You gotta stop that, man. It's gonna slow you down.