Harrison: Your father's an extraordinary man. You're lucky to have him.
Barry: I'm lucky to have you, too.

Henry: You gotta tell me. What does it feel like when you're running down the street like a bat out of hell?
Barry: There's no feeling like it.

You always did look good in red.


Joe: I don't know why he's helping us. All that matters is that he is.
Barry: I can't lose my dad, Joe. [breaks down in tears]

Look, whatever else he is, he is Harrison Wells. You love science, he is science. It's like you made best friends with Einstein.


No, no, no, no. Take of my mask, you fraud. Pretender. Sham. Take off my mask. Take off my mask. TAKE OFF MY MASK!!! Oh, ho, ho, ohhhh hoooo ho!!

Talking in the third person; that's never a good sign.


Do you think he wanted me to become The Flash?