I was going to run away with you.


I'm going to be disbarred. We can collect unemployment together.


Cassie: You don't think Miranda's coming, maybe ghosting me?
Alex: She might already be dead.

Cassie: Let's catch a killer.
Miranda: Who says that?

Miranda: You'll check in, get another name for me under the name Katherine O'Brien.
Cassie: Why that name? Where does that come from?
Miranda: Well, she was my neighbor when I was growing up in Glasgow and died in a fire.
Cassie: Oh my god.
Miranda: Okay, Cassie, I'm lying. It's random.

You can't run away from me. I'm in your head.


Cassie: I do not want to be in this room with you. I'm leaving.
Alex: We just got to talk this through like rational adults.

I am not going to always think about you.


How many drinks have you had today?


I'm a guy you met once. Why am I so important?


Annie: So, you got chased by a dangerous criminal and now you're holding a bag of stolen cash?
Cassie: It's evidence.

You and dad, you had your secret codes and your friendship.


The Flight Attendant Quotes

Cassie: Oh, fuck. Who are you?
Ethan: I'm Ethan from last night.
Cassie: How did you get in here?
Ethan: We met at the bar.
Cassie: Yes, but you're in my apartment.
Ethan: You texted me right here, you told me to use the key above the door thing, the door frame. We were supposed to meet here at 2.
Cassie: Ethan, oh my god. OK, I'm starting to remember, I was very, very drunk. That's on me. OK, I'm sorry, I remember you now.

Cassie: Davey, hi, I really can't talk. I'm going to miss my flight.
Davey: Oh, yeah, I just wanted to check in about the New York trip real quick, cause, you know, Rick's getting nervous.
Cassie: Nervous? What are you talking about, and it's like weeks away. Isn't it?
Davey: Yeah, yes, it's four days away.
Cassie: Oh, shit, really?
Davey: Yeah, and the girls are excited to see their aunt Cassie, but they're beginning to realize she's a terrible planner.
Cassie: OK, put those knives away right now. That is not fair.