Agent: I shouldn’t have sent in a novice.
Lopez: When you look at her all you see is a woman from a third-world country with a 4th-grade education. But she’s smarter than you.
Agent: Oh, really. But not you?
Lopez: No, she probably is. But I’m humble enough to know that, which is why I’m going to be the one who takes her down.

West: If my life is worth less to the department than a lawsuit, then why should I protect them?
Grey: You shouldn’t. You should protect yourself. And I’m telling you, going on TV, going on blast will just cause the department to circle the wagons. They will shield Doug to defend their own reputation. You will be inadvertently making a martyr out of him and isolating yourself.

It’s not about letting me down, Officer Chen. There is no failure in finding yourself unprepared for a job you didn’t prepare for.

Sgt. Grey

Nolan: Any advice?
Bradford: Think how hard it is doing this job. Now, think about doing it while babysitting an armed toddler.

Harper: Her son was her humanity, with him gone…
Grey: War is coming.

Wesley: Listen to me. I have represented hundreds of guys like you. You all think that you’re pure evil. You’re willing to do whatever your master asks, but you don’t know anything about Angela or me. If you hurt her, I will call in every favor I am owed, and there’s a lot. Rabid animals who will burn you to your component molecules while you beg me for mercy. Do you hear me?
Galeno: I love it. Such passion. Let’s just hope you never have to follow through. Let’s just hope your beloved does the smart thing for yourself and for your baby.

Sarah: Maybe this will end up being the worst day of our lives.
Nolan: I can’t think like that.
Sarah: And I can’t think like you.

You are a lying liar who lies.


Now we just have to wait until she poops. Who says being a cop isn’t living the dream?


Nolan: The day we dreaded.
Sarah: You’re such a drama queen.

Fiona: If I succumb to their threats, they win.
Nolan: I understand, but it’s an irrefutable fact that you can affect a heck of a lot more change if you’re alive.

Bradford: People with strong military backgrounds can struggle with the transition to being a cop.
Barnes: That won’t be me. I’ve been on combat patrol doing exactly this.
Bradford: Wrong. There are three major differences between police and military. If you want to be a cop instead of a soldier, you’ll have to conquer all of them.
Barnes: Tell me.
Bradford: One, cops are expected to be proactive. You don’t wait for orders. Two, you are no longer bound by military objectives. The actions you take are at your discretion. And three, the people we come up against on the street aren’t enemy combatants. They’re our fellow citizens.

The Rookie Quotes

I love Rookie Day. It’s Christmas and the Purge in one.

Officer Bradford

Stacy: Happy Divorce Day!
John: That’s not a thing.
Stacy: It should be. When mine went through I took the boys to Disneyland.
John: I’m not really feeling the Matterhorn.
Stacy: Try and look at this as an opportunity.
John: Right now I’m just trying to remember to wear pants.