Prof. Ryan: What would you say is your biggest challenge you face day to day?
Harper: Finding a safe bathroom.

Lucy: So you're not going to miss riding with me at all?
Tim: It's a job, not happy hour.

You ride with me, you ride the roller coaster.


Jackson: Last day of training.
Lucy: Last day of Tim barking orders.
Jackson: Last day that they can fire us at a moment's notice.
Lucy: Last day of them recording every flaw for posterity.

Lucy: Have you ever been dumped out of the blue before?
Bradford: Let me think…one time, my wife left the house in the middle of the night, and I didn’t see her again for two years.

Nolan: I’m guessing your conflict of interest is that he stabbed your fiancé.
Angela: Technically, my conflict is my desire to kill him for that.
Nolan: But you wouldn’t really.
Angela: I’m pregnant. Don’t try me.

Wesley: Believe me, there are complications to having money.
Angela: Like always being able to pay the rent or buy food.
Wesley: Like having your child kidnapped for ransom.

Bradford: We don’t talk feelings. We drink and watch sports together.
Lucy: That’s guy for friends.
Jackson: Straight guy for friends.

Your job as a parent is to protect your children as much as you can, but that also means teaching them right from wrong. There has to be consequences. It doesn’t mean you love them any less; it just means parenting is hard.


Five people almost died because some washed-up narcissist thought that the world he dreamed up in his screenplay had become real.


I got tired of bashing people over the head and dragging them into cars, so I thought it would be much easier just to charm them as myself. So I asked Corey to teach me.

Dan Marcie

Bradford: What’s the saying, those who can’t do, teach?
Chen: You are literally my teacher. What are you saying?

The Rookie Quotes

You are a lying liar who lies.


I love Rookie Day. It’s Christmas and the Purge in one.

Officer Bradford