Tomorrow night the three amigos vs. the big city - big city look out!


There's the drunk I remember!


Betty and Hilda: Suarez sisters are going to: London!

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Is this one of the times you ask me a question when you already know the answer to?


Betty: Put yourself in his shoes.
Daniel: You mean his smelly old cowboy boots.

Amanda: You're like a big, fancy designer in London, and I'm a big-shot stylist in New York. Well not in the sense that I have any clients, but I do get to combine all my favorite interests: criticizing people, shopping, and promoting world thinness.

Slip-ups are inevitable. And it's okay. I certainly know how tempting a perfectly mixed cocktail can be. I can almost taste it right now. It's like a warm hug going down my throat.


Everyone said, 'When you go to London, don't miss Betty's boobs.' I'm just glad there wasn't a line.


We decided that every time you say 'work', we drink!


I like Trey better. Or Trevor. We'll talk about it. I'm sure he'll want to weigh in.


Hilda: Justin doesn't walk. He's told me a thousand times: 'Shoes are fashion — not for function.

Betty: All of your ideas involve nudity.
Amanda: You're welcome.

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

I was conceived in a rehab facility - I guess I was destined to be an alcoholic.


Booze booze and a bus to Atlantic City!