Norrie: What do I do?
Jim: Shoot.
Norrie: It doesn't work.
Jim: Safety's on.

Wanna go find Jim? I know which one of us he'd be happy to see.


Eva: She's kicking. Christine made it happen. With the help of some very young, devoted women.
Barbie: I don't know what to say.
Eva: You're face says it all. Dale, we're gonna be a family. Our daughter's destined for greatness and she's going to be here any day. We need to make sure she is safe.

Junior: You're fighting for nobody but yourself. There's nothing left for you but the kinship.
Joe: Go to hell.

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Nothing that you do is going to get me to leave Eva's side. Do you think that baby is going to have her beautiful eyes? This isn't the kinship, Julia. This is me. This is the real me. Whatever it was that you thought was between us, it's over. I don't love you.


Who hooks up with the guy who kills her husband, anyway? And you think there's something wrong with me?


You really think he and Eva got a cosmic bun in the oven?

Big Jim

Barbie: What did you do?
Julia: It's for your own good.
Big Jim: Nice work, Dexter.
Julia: Help me get him back to the cabin.

Julia: You want to kill Eva and Barbie?
Big Jim: What part of usher in a new generation did you not understand?

Hunter: Thanks, man. I don't get why everyone thinks you're such a giant tool.
Big Jim: Shut the hell up, and feed my dog.

Big Jim: You ever hear of a library? They've got these things called books. If you read them once in a while, they tend to answer your questions.
Norrie: You want us to go to the library on a mission?
Big Jim: Well, if it keeps us one step of Christine, you're damn straight.

Julia, if there's any chance to get Barbie back, the real Barbie, you have to take it.