Wynonna: Well, here’s what I know you didn’t do: You didn’t give up on us when we were in the Garden. And a year and a half, that’s a long time to keep the faith.
Nicole: The thing is I did give up. Not at first, at first I believed that Waverly and you and Doc were going to get home safe, but 18 months went by, and I woke up one day…
Wynonna: Nicole, did you do something to get us home? Never mind, I didn’t ask, I didn’t ask. Do you want to hear my sob story?
Nicole: Uh-huh, I do, really.
Wynonna: Peacemaker actively rejected me today.
Nicole: You want me to frog barf on her?
Wynonna: Yes.

Wynonna: I guess it makes sense. I’m not the heir anymore, now that the curse is broken, or much of anything.
Doc: You are everything.
Wynonna: What did you mean at the museum, that I might not be proud of Wyatt?
Doc: We were immortalized as heroes for murdering families in ne’er-do-wells.
Wynonna: The Clantons were dickheads, took whatever they wanted. They murdered people, took their land.
Doc: It was the Old West. Only difference between them and us was the stars pinned to our chest. I’ve often been left to ponder, Wynonna, whether or not this legacy of bloodshed will be the ruin of everyone we love. Perhaps we should take our cue from our ironically named blunt line. Could be we should aspire to make peace.

Nicole: I let you down. I let everyone down, but today I’m going to change that.
Nedley: You need my help.
Nicole: It’s a big ask.
Nedley: Whatever you need.
Nicole: I need you to kill me.

Wynonna: Being the Earp Heir is the only job I’ve had that I was good at besides strip club DJ. Just because you’re rejecting your legacy, doesn’t mean I have to reject mine.
Doc: Fine pair we are: blood on our hands and both too stubborn to wash them off.

Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Doc: Morning.
Wynonna: What are you doing sneaking around my barn?
Doc: What are you doing sleeping with a pistol under your pillow?
Wynonna: It’s my bedroom. I’ll ask the questions.
Doc: I’ve been keeping watch.
Wynonna: Over me?
Doc: Over all of you. As of late, we have been under siege.
Wynonna: Hey, fastest gunslinger in the west, I outdrew you.
Doc: I did not draw at all.
Wynonna: You ever been outdrawn?
Doc: Honestly, nope.
Wynonna: Do you not need to sleep anymore, now that you’re…
Doc: It’s one of the benefits of my condition.
Wynonna: We don’t talk about that anymore.
Doc: There is much that we fail to discuss.
Wynonna: Talking is overrated. Doc, did you eat another fireman?

Wynonna: Whoa, boner alert.
Nicole: Yeah, you look pretty good too, sis.
Wynonna: Yeah, we can get it. You ready?
Nicole: Ready? I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life.
Wynonna: C’mon.
Nicole: I can’t believe I’m walking down the aisle to become Waverly Earp’s wife.
Wynonna: Well, you sacrificed a lot to keep this place safe.
Nicole: Well, this place is my home, and you guys are my family.