Up until this point in my life, the idea of loss – real life-changing loss – always seemed so removed from me. Like it was something that happened to other people, not us.

Maggie: Honey, what are we doing here? Weren’t we just installing a garden this morning.
Mitch: We were, and we’ll be installing many more very soon.
Maggie: But not for Mrs. Edelstein.
Mitch: Definitely not.
Maggie: Mitchell, listen, if anything should happen to me in there, it’s OK because if one of us had to go it alone from here, you are the one that’s strong enough to pull that off.
Mitch: Let’s not even talk that way, OK.
Maggie: I know, but I mean it. You know I’ll always be your girl. I would want you to go on living life, and I would want you to find love. I know you would look after Zoey and David, but I would want you to look after you too.
Mitch: Well, I just can’t lose you. I can’t, OK.

Zoey: What is all this?
Max: Unchecked spending by a major corporation.
Zoey: Oh, are they gonna make us play with kids?
Max: Well, if they do, you’ll have a leg up.
Zoey: Why because of my…
Max: Clown costume, yeah.

Zoey: I’m sorry if I was hard on you before. I’ve wanted to work at a place like this as long as I can remember truly. I made a cardboard cellphone when I was in kindergarten and tried to call Steve Jobs during circle time. I just really, really want this job.
Max: I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have ragged on your family like that. Truth is I wish I had that kind of support. You know my dad’s probably just waiting for me at home to call him and tell him how badly I screwed this one up.
Zoey: That’s awful.
Max: Yeah, I just don’t want him to think I’m a failure, you know.
Zoey: For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a failure. Snarky, yes. Little bit of a chip on your shoulder, sure. But not a failure.
Max: That’s probably just because of the nerves. I’m normally very charming.
Zoey: Really? I’m not seeing it.

Max: What’s happening?
Zoey: It’s my mom. She’s at the hospital. They think she might have had a heart attack.
Max: Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
Zoey: But my dad says he has it under control, which he usually does, so…
Max: Go, go be with your mom?
Zoey: Really? Should I?
Max: Yes.
Zoey: OK, ugh, yeah, OK, um, you’re right. I’m gonna go tell Danny I’m dropping out of the competition, but don’t worry ‘cause you got this. You deserve to be here.
Max: Hold on, Danny never said pre-hires couldn’t work remotely. I could do all the boots on the ground stuff here while you crunch code on your way to the hospital.
Zoey: You don’t have to figure out a way to keep me in the competition.
Max: This isn't charity, Zoey. I need you. We work better together as a team, OK. We could do this, and if we can’t, it confirms all my father’s fears about me, and you never get to live out your lifelong dream.
Zoey: So, you’re saying it’s no pressure.
Max: No pressure.

Got any song requests? I have plenty of backing tracks I can sing over. I called it Mo’s Exquisite Playlist.


Zoey: You ever have those mornings where you wake up, and everything just feels right in the world?
David: You’ve clearly never defended a woman who went to jail for stealing baby formula. What is with that suit?
Zoey: It’s a big day, so I figured, why not dress to impress. Oh, and this beauty has got it all: outside pockets, inside pockets, pockets in pockets.
Maggie: I think you look great.
David: Or like a congresswoman from Nebraska.

Max: Can you believe that dude wore a suit for his first day? Someone’s trying a little hard, huh?
Zoey: I don’t know, or maybe somebody’s not trying hard enough.
Max: Oh, I didn’t mean… your suit is very professional. It makes me want to buy a house from you or something.
Zoey: You know what, I don’t care what you think because I’m more interested in being a great coder and being a trailblazer for young women who…
Max: Ooh, SPRQPoint frisbees.

Zoey: I think I was so preoccupied with the idea of losing the job I always wanted that I didn’t realize that this would be the day I would almost lose my mom.
Dr. Tesoro: That much have been very difficult.
Zoey: Hmm, that’s one way to describe it. Another way would be scary as…

Max: Well, we made the cut.
Zoey: Barely. I understand that this is all a big joke for you, but it’s really important to me, so can you just pretend to care for my sake?
Max: Hey, I want to win this too.
Zoey: Could have fooled me. Look, let’s just try to work together next round and if we somehow pull it off, we can request desks on opposite sides of the bullpen.
Max: Deal.
Zoey: Great.
Max: I call window.

Max: If you’re only taking one person from my team, it should be Zoey.
Danny Michael Davis: Why? She didn’t even bother showing up for the last round.
Max: Well, that’s only because she’s at the hospital with her mom, but she’s a better coder than me, she wants it more than me, and I think she’ll do great things here.
Danny Michael Davis: You’re willing to give up your spot for this person that you just met?
Max: Yeah, I am.
Danny Michael Davis: You’re a very strange man, but I guess this floor could stand to have one female coder.

Zoey: When I heard my parents sing the song that I’d heard them sing to each other a thousand times before that’s the moment I realized how fragile it all is. Like all that love could be taken away in the blink of an eye.
Dr. Tesoro: Do you think that experience may have caused you to become more emotionally guarded with the people that you care about?
Zoey: Yeah, maybe it is why I put Max in the friendzone so quickly after we met, or maybe I just couldn’t get over him making fun of my wardrobe that first day.
Dr. Tesoro: How did you two end up staying connected if he didn’t end up getting the job?
Zoey: Oh, um, Danny hired him a month later after he fired his own cousin for telling people he was his cousin.
Dr. Tesoro: You know what’s interesting Zoey is that the memory of your health scare also turns out to be a story about your deep connection with Max. You might not want to hear this, but to me, it’s as much a love story as it is a loss story.