A Dreadful Bargain - A Discovery of Witches
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This is terrible!! It's the season finale of A Discovery of Witches, and I'm not prepared to say goodbye even short term.

Juliette is pissed Matthew abandoned her for Diana forcing him to kiss her while she has Diana in her grasp.

She knows Matthew enjoys the way Diana responds to him. Gerbert sired her and groomed her for Matthew. 

Juliette attacks Matthew, slicing his jugular vein. She doesn't know anything about magic until she gets on the wrong side of Diana.

With a large portion of his neck missing, Diana calls upon the maiden mother crown to save him. She gets a knife from a Goddess, cuts her arm, and feeds Matthew some of her blood.

Meanwhile, Marcus, Sarah, and Miriam are all there asking her to reconsider. She put up a walla round them and allows him to feed on her. As they remember their love, he takes just what he needs to survive.

Diana, though, is barely living afterward. Marcus goes into overdrive to help her.

Domenico checks in with Gerbert, and they discuss Juliette and Matthew. Gerbert wants to find Matthew and Diana.

Domenico has news he wants to share, but in return, he wants a reward. Gerbert calls him a greedy shit. Just tell him.

Gerbert likes the stench of a desperate witch. He can't believe Satu's powers haven't returned. 

Miriam cannot believe Diana's immense power. She's eager to find out more about her since she doesn't trace back to the original clans. She needs to know how powers like hers have survived.

They talk about Juliette and her training. Diana doesn't regret killing her.

Matthew tells Diana they're not out of the woods. They can't protect themselves, and if Juliette could find them, anyone can.

Baldwin calls Matthew to tell him his time is running out. If the Conregation gets back together, then there will be trouble.

The house beckons to Matthew who finds the fireplace burping out a poppet that witches use to cast spells. Diana's ancestor was convicted by way of a poppet during the Salem Witch Trials.

There is an earring attached. It's Ysabeau's. His father gave it to her hundreds of years ago.

Hamish is at Ysabeau's house collecting supplies for Matthew. Ysabeau sends their love with him.

At Bishop House, the entire group has convened to talk about Diana and Matthew timewalking. Diana thinks it should be somewhere she can learn about her magic. Matthew agrees, asking Emily about three particular objects needed to go to a specific place. The earring!

Since Diana will need powerful spells to help them return, Sarah, Em, and Diana head to the woods so she can try to learn how to walk. With a reminder that magic is in the heart and not the mind, Em suggests she keep trying.

Matthew worries that she's stuck somewhere in time and they won't be able to get her back. Diana appears in the kitchen. 

Gerbert babbles about uninteresting stuff regarding the prophecy.

Hamish arrives at Bishop House with Nat and his wife in tow. Matthew recognizes the Goddess of the Hunt as a chess piece he lost in a wager a long time ago.

Nat wants to leave, but Sophie knows she has to tell everyone what's going on. She reveals her parents were witches. Miriam says that's impossible.

The chess piece and Ysabeau's earring were in the same place on the same night all those years ago. All Hallows Eve six days from today. She'll have to be ready.

Nat and Marcus are getting long famously.

Sophie can't sleep. She's having visions of the Congregation coming her and the baby. Em reassures her. She's among witches now; they'll do everything they can.

Agatha calls Nat with news of the Congregation get-together.

Dressed as they looked the night they danced at Sept-Tours, Diana and Matthew prepare to timewalk 25 days into the past. It works.

Time walking works in that they replace their other selves in the time stream. Dinner and dancing all over again.

Gerbert and Knox talk about the Congregation and how Philippe weighed the odds in his favor.

They're all in good spirits at the Bishop House. Miriam and Marcus want to check the baby's DNA. Hamish thinks it's a fabulous idea. Sarah proposes a toast to unusual friendships as Diana and Matthew Prepare to say goodbye.

Matthew is giving up his post as Master something or other. Hamish still needs to be Knight. He's part of why everything has worked so well. 

Hamish chats with Diana later. Doesn't she want to know what Matthew is preparing? He warns her that being totally reliant of Matthew will be difficult because he'll be a completely different man.

As Nat and Sophie prepare to leave, Matthew offers them a place at Sept-Tours to be safe. Sarah and Em will be there. 

The Congregation is convening.

Hamish wonders about the Book of Life. Matthew thinks they might find it whole in the past. 

Satu gets her Congregation membership stripped. She lashes out at Baldwin. Things get out of hand and they want to push Baldwin out of the Congregation by beheading and fire.

Em and Sarah pack to leave. Emily says at least eating nuts and berries they'll lose weight.

The fix is in and the Conregation returns. Knox and Gerbert lose their attempt to kill Baldwin. They demand to know the location of Matthew and Diana.

Miriam and Marcus get another swab of Diana's DNA before they leave. Matthew is sad they aren't staying for Halloween, but the duo thinks Matthew and Diana need some time alone.

Matthew offers to Marcus the role of Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus.

Diana has the place beautifully decorated with pumpkins. then she lights them all with her finger fire.

It's time.

While Diana and Matthew dress in vintage garb and prepare to go, Baldwin calls with the news time has run out.

A car pulls up masked by magic. Satu, Gerbert, and Knox start to come to the house. 

Matthew reveals that they're returning to 1590. Diana is preparing to go. It's time! The front door crashes in and Diana turns around. WTF???

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Diana: Maiden, mother, crone, I call you. Goddess, help me! I will do anything to save him.
Goddess: If I help him, there will be a price.
Diana: I will give anything, anything that you want. Anything, just save him!
Goddess: Give him life.

Your magic can't save him!