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  • Dr. Rosen has been institutionalized after exposing Alphas to the world. Cameron and Bill are still working with the government to put violent Alphas away. Nina is pushing people again. Rachel is confined to her room. Gary has been put in Binghamton.
  • The violent Alphas have taken over a section of Binghamton and are using Bill and Gary as hostage. They want to speak with Rosen.
  • Rosen agrees to do so, but along the way one of the rogue Alphas has tapped into the security feed and has been concocting an entire story for everyone to see as the rogue Alphas literally break out of Binghamton.
  • Cameron is able to save Gary and Bill, but the rest of the rogue Alphas escape.
  • The government offers Rosen and his team their old jobs back, and they accept.
  • The episode ends with Hunter Parrish and his Alphas derailing and blowing up a train.
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Alphas Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dogs don't like Hummus, do they Gary?


Mom, I'm at the office, and I'm fine; I don't have a chip in my head anymore. Bye.