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At the Mott residence Jimmy visits Bette and Dot. He pleads with the twins to return to their carny family. Dandy professes his love for the girls but Jimmy has a flashback and realizes Dandy might be one of the killer clowns. Gloria asks the twins what they would like to do and they decide returning to the freak show is their best option.

Elsewhere, Ethel and Desiree attempt to visit their doctor but his furious daughter blames them for his death.

Stanley has attempted and failed to kill one of the freaks, he decides to try a different approach. The con man blackmails Dell, threatening to expose his big secret. Killing one of his own should be enough to buy Stanley's silence.

Amazon Eve is Dell's first attempt. Eve easily takes down the strong man and tosses him out of her trailer. The next morning the ladies gather to discuss Dell's actions. Ethel doesn't want the police involved and thinks they should sneak into Dell's trailer and kill him.

Jimmy is mortified by his mother's words and asks they give him a chance to talk to the strong man before taking any drastic measures.

Dell invites Jimmy for a few drinks and they get hammered. Lobster boy soon finds himself acknowledging that Dell is his father.

Bette and Dot attempt to blackmail Elsa. However, she is not easily manipulated and tells Stanley all about the separation surgery. They basically come to an understanding the twins have to go. How exactly that will happen is anyone's guess.

Penny tells her father she loves Paul and is moving in with him. Her cruel father won't stand for this, refusing to be embarrassed by her. He knocks her unconscious and she wakes to find her face covered in snake tattoos. Her tongue has been forked as well.

Since Dell and Jimmy have now bonded as father and son, lobster boy is not a murder candidate. Therefore, Dell visits Ma Petite and charms her with a new dress. He tells her she looks like a little princess then picks her up and crushes the life out of her.

At the American Morbidity Museum a fancy soiree takes place as the caretaker prepares to unveil their latest acquisition. The curtain is drawn and we realize the tiniest member of the freak show, Ma Petite is now forever part of their collection.


American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Dandy: Bette I know you love me. Tell them you want to stay and live forever in luxury.
Dot: There's something wrong with Dandy and you know it.
Bette: I'm sorry but I choose my sister always. We have to go.

Rule #1 When attempting to blackmail a man with freakish strength and a mean streak the size of the panhandle make sure you got witnesses.