An Unwelcome Visitor - Barry
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Barry is sitting across from Sally's ex, so shocked that the dude is there that he cannot hear his words. He's called Bobby. Barry is seething. But the dude has a five-year-old son. He seems really nice. As do most sociopaths.

Barry is teaching Noho Hank's marauders to kill, but he's not in the right mindspace to be doing it.

Jermaine shares his story with Gene, but Gene isn't having it.

Everyone else is practicing their plays, but Barry can't get over the business with Sam. He's trying to understand why she was so nice to him, but she runs off and cries. 

She never stood up to him. She might have even made love to him after the fact. She rambles about beatings and apologized and the vicious cycle that kept repeating itself. 

Fuches and Loach are preparing for Barry's arrival and the hope Barry spills his guts the moment he walks into the room with Fuches.

Barry calls, but all he wants is a speech he can do that isn't very well recognized. 

Loach doesn't know how to write. It's incredibly odd.

Gene finds Leo at his house.

Sam's demeanor completely changes once he sees a snippet of the play she's working on. He calls Barry a prick. Barry is about to explode. He heads inside and grabs a gun. 

Sam calls Sally and acts nice again. This time he begs her to come over to the coffee shop at his hotel. She acquiesces and discovers the coffee shop is closed. He lures her to his room and over to the bed.

It's a program from a play she must have done in high school.

Barry is on his way.

Sam wants to cry on Sally's shoulder. She falls for all of his shit, as do most women in her place, sad to say.

Loach is pissed Barry never arrived, and Fuches is pissed he's doing it at all. They argue, and immediately after, Barry calls. He needs to talk with Fuches.

Barry needs him as a friend, but Fuches tells Barry never to call him again, and to erase his number. If Barry calls him again, he'll block the number. Do not contact me anymore, Fuches says.

Barry needs to talk, though, so he heads to Gene's place.

Barry says he started talking to Albert, but Gene is annoyed. He says Barry started writing a story for a reason. He wants to tell it and he needs to tell it. Barry thinks Gene will look at him differently. A zip of his war time comes to mind. Gene wants to know what happened.

Barry recalls his friend getting killed and his reaction, which was to storm right into a house and shoot someone right in front of his wife. It was the wrong guy. He was sent to a hospital and later discharged. Gene's reaction? Holy Shit.

It's all beautiful until Barry visits Fuches, who was trying to escape. He does his best to get Barry not to go into the room and to be quiet, but Loach is there. 

The surprise? Loach wants Barry to kill his wife's lover. If he does, it all goes away.

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Barry Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Sam: You know, you're a fuckin' prick man.
Barry: Alright.
Sam: And don't forget -- I fucked her first. I got her when that shit was tight.

Gene: Your story is that your father was abducted and replaced by aliens.
Jermaine: That's what happened.
Gene: I'm having a little trouble with that.