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- Mayfair is still mourning/getting over Sofia by burning their memories

- Oscar tells Jane memories about their past together but she still questions him telling her the trust -- she ask to meet the people involved in their organization

- Oscar gives Jane a thumb drive and ask her to put it in any FBI computer and it will copy some files

- It's interesting that male and female FBI agents share the same locker room

- a bloody girl found sketches a tattoo on Jane's body -- the tattoo is a family crest of gang/terrorist group whose leader is in the top 5 of the FBI most wanted list

- The girl happens to be the daughter of the leader of the group

- Jane gets the girl to give them her sketch book -- she sketches the face of an American journalist who is on the FBI watch list

- The team follows a sketch of the girl and find a dead woman in the place -- the woman is Maya's mother -- her tongue was cut out

- Maya's mother was talking to the journalist -- he offered her safe passage to the US for a story -- he offers himself as bait to draw the group out but Weller pretends to be him

- The team takes her to remote cottage to debrief her and wait for her grandmother to come get her

- Reade tells Zapata to drop looking into Carter

- The get an Arabic translator to talk to Maya's grandmother and the grandmother says that Maya's drawings can identify all the terrorist members

- Weller tells Jane about is break up with Allison

- The electricity cuts out at the cabin and Patterson rightfully assumes that someone is after them -- Maya goes outside -- Patterson and Borden are able to get her back in the house -- they are able to take out two of the gunmen

- Weller and Jane finally show back up -- Patterson is able blow up the house -- this was such an intense scene -- Borden's renovation is completely ruined

- Maya recognizes the man from another governmental branch (Franklin) -- Franklin was after her all along so they give out false intel that Maya died in the cabin shoot out -- she is able to leave with her grandmother

- Mayfair is still set to meet up with Alex -- she goes to get ice and when she returns, Alex is dead -- she gets call that tells her to stop looking into Carter or she is next

- Zapata tells Reade that she is going to looking into Mayfair

- Jane puts the thumb drive in a computer -- Weller catches her waiting but she distracts him by saying she will go to his family game night

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Weller: I don’t think I would be the kind of dad I would like to be.
Jane: I think you would make a great dad. For what it’s worth.

Patterson: Yeah, I know that game. I can’t believe you know that game or that you like One Direction.
Doc: That was a joke.
Patterson: Oo ok, was it?