Yossarian Listens to a Briefing - Catch-22
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Yossarian convinces Milo to spike the tomato soup in order to make everyone sick and to avoid the upcoming deadly mission. He warns his friends, leading to everyone else becoming very ill.

Instead of cancelling the mission, the illness merely delays it. Yossarian presses on Major Major for help, but to no avail. In the middle of the night, Yossarian moves the mission strings in order to create the idea of Bologna being captured.

In the morning, everyone is led to believe Bologna is now captured, and the mission is to be cancelled. Major de Coverley requisitions a plane to visit the new town, but upon arrival, finds it still in German occupation. He is likely captured.

Cathcart is furious, raising the mission count to fifty unless the person responsible steps forward. Yossarian, however, is paralyzed and stays seated.

On the way to Bologna to do their bombing run, the bombers receive heavy flak fire. Yossarian pretends there's a communication issue, ripping the wires out of his nose section and forcing his plane crew to turn around. McWatt, the pilot, confronts Yossarian as a coward.

Later, Cathcart rewards the men for a job well done. Yossarian's crew, however, does not receive any. They are ridiculed in front of the others, and calle cowards.

McWatt tries to play chicken with the men in a plane for some lighthearted fun, but does not pull up in time, killing Kid Sampson. Distraught, McWatt crashes his plane in the hills, killing himself in the process.

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Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

McWatt: Oh man, you really don't know how this works.
Yossarian: I saw the charts, Tenth is less than two days out.
McWatt: You really don't know how this works.
Yossarian: I don't know how what works?
McWatt: Everything, Yossarian, that's the point.
Yossarian: What point? What's your point?
McWatt: Exactly.

You wouldn't be normal if you weren't afraid. Even the bravest of men experience fear.