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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 11 Review: A Couple Hundred Degrees

Chicago Fire Review: Fire Safety 101

On Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 11, Severide has to make a difficult decision about a problematic recruit, while Casey continues to ignore his head injury. Our review!
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 10 Review: One Crazy Shift

Chicago Fire Review: Catch Fire

On Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 10, Casey continues down a dangerous path, and Firehouse 51 welcomes a new paramedic through its doors. Read our review!
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Chicago Fire Shocker: Who's Out?

Chicago Fire Shocker: Who's Out?

Chicago Fire is losing another series regular, it has been announced. Who's out, and who may be replacing the cast member? Get all the details right here.
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Chicago Fire Details

Chicago Fire is from Law & Order producer Dick Wolf. It stars Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney, among others, and it focuses on the lives of firefighters in The Windy City.

Chicago is closely related to another NBC series, Chicago P.D. The two series cross back and forth as the characters are all intertwined. 

The drama is intense on Chicago Fire. No character is completely safe from the ravages that fighting fires cause and whether it's accidents or emotional trauma, tolls are taken in the worst way, including death and suicide. Several looming characters have lost their lives in events that take place on the series.

Jesse Spencer is Matthew Casey, who dates Gabriela Dawson, played by Monica Raymund. The character of Gabriela has a brother named Antonio who works as a detective for the Chicago P.D. Taylor Kinney plays Kelly Severide and is currently engaged in a relationship with another Chicago P.D. Detective, Erin Lindsey.

Firehouse 51 has been targeted many times for closure for various reasons, but always the camaraderie of those men and women who work there do what it takes to keep it from being destroyed. 

If you like excitement, and drama that's both emotional and action oriented, Chicago Fire may be the show for you.


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Chicago Fire Quotes

Chief Boden once told me, "a hero's not somebody who's unafraid, it's the guy who's scared to death and does what's right anyway."


You think I cant look after my daughter?