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After Casey and Severide are retrieved from the river and taken care of by Gabby and Stella respectively, one of the PR officials visits 51 with the photographer from the scene with the idea for him to do a "day in the life" pictorial. He seems to be getting along with everyone and getting some great shots until Matt finds him in the bathroom taking pictures of Gabby in the shower. He's tossed out of the house, and Boden insists on calling CPD. The major newspapers in town are also contacted, and they blacklist the photog. Out of anger, he follows 51 to another call, this time refusing to be respectful of the scene and stay out of the way. His anger only serves to put him in danger though, and he ends up being hit by a car. Casey immediately acts and saves his life. Matt later expresses doubt that he did the right thing to Boden, who points out that a life saved is always a win. 

One of Gabby and Brett's regulars keeps showing up at the firehouse, so they head down to the homeless encampment where he lives. Despite being reticent to confront Hope about gossip she's spreading back in Fowlerton, Sylvie is the one who steps up and speaks out against the homeless woman who has taken over their patients tent and is terrorizing the camp.

Herrmann is encouraged to become a life coach by one of Molly's patrons, but when his original advisee comes back blaming Christopher for his breakup, Herrmann decides that this isn't the right line of work for him. The fact that the "life coach manager" had just handed him a surprise invoice for $800 was also a likely contributing factor. 

Stella decides that it's time to move out, which upsets Kelly. She doesn't think that she can make a clear decision about if things should move forward with HazMat Zack when she's spending so much time around Severide. Kelly bluntly tells her that he doesn't want her to leave, but isn't forthcoming about all the reasons *why* he wants her to stay. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Homeless Woman: This is my house. This is my street. Go home, skanks.
Sylvie: No, this is not your street. It's *mine.* Along with his, and his, and theirs. You know who else's streets these are? Every paramedic and firefighter in Chicago. We've been on every block in this city and helped someone on every one of them. And all those people we've helped? They're on *our* team. Not yours.

Kelly: Went through the concussion protocol. Flying colors. I'm fine.
Boden: And if you weren't, you wouldn't tell me anyway.