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Severide teaches a course at the Academy and deliberates whether to kick out an incompetent recruit.

His decision is made more complicated when he discovers Boden is friends with the recruit's father.

Severide doesn't trust his instincts, and the recruit nearly kills two of his fellow recruits.

Severide blames himself and doesn't want Boden's help as he handled the problem himself and talks to the recruit's father.

Casey claims he's no longer experiencing any more headaches, but after learning from Will that Casey should see a doctor, Brett keeps pushing Casey to confront the problem.

Casey eventually agrees to see a doctor, but it's on the same day Brett and Grainger were supposed to go away for the weekend.

However, Brett agrees to accompany Casey to his appointment.

After learning Ritter and Eric had broken up, Herrmann sets Ritter up with a gay man named Andy from Cindy's book club.

Andy is a jerk and used to date Eric, and Ritter calls Andy out on their date.

Eric comes to visit Ritter at the firehouse, and they get back together.

Brett and Violet investigate after a deli owner collapses twice. 

Violet received a note saying it wasn't an accident, and after some sleuthing, it turns out the man's wife was poisoning him.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Herrmann: I got someone to set you up with.
Ritter: Oh, no, that’s not necessary or even a good idea but thank you.
Herrmann: What, no, he’s in Cindy’s book club.
Ritter: Let me guess. He’s the only other gay friend you have.
Herrmann: Uh, that’s possible, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the right guy for you. I mean you probably even know him.
Ritter: You think all gay people in Chicago know each other?
Herrmann: No, but my point is Andy is a great guy, and I think you two would hit it off.

Casey: I wanted to let you know with respect to our conversation last shift, you don’t need to worry. The headaches, all that, they stopped.
Gallo: That’s great.
Casey: And I talked to Will Halstead over at Med, so it’s all good.
Brett: What’s all good?
Casey: I had a couple bad headaches last shift, but it’s all cleared up.
Brett: I’m glad you’re better.