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On the winter finale of Chicago PD, we finally addressed Antonio's opioid addiction.
What started off as a shoulder injury has stemmed into a full-blown addiction that has changed his character drastically. 
Antonio is angry. We see it when he attempts to get a refill of the prescription at the doctor’s office and is rejected.
Lashing out at a doctor, punching a mirror because you're feeling withdrawal symptoms and choosing to score illegal drugs are tell-tale signs that he's too far down the rabbit hole.
As is running away from your partner when your unit raids the house while you're still inside. 
Burgess pursued him, unknowingly, down the alleyway, and when she finally cornered him, he revealed himself leaving her in a state of shock. 
Antonio tried to play it off like he was checking up on a tip from a CI, but the team doesn't really buy it. 
Burgess’ suspicions only intensify when she finds a bottle of pills in his car which he claims are from his "buy."
Back at the precinct, Antonio raises more suspicious by sneaking in to talk to Patrick and then by approaching Voight to cut him a deal. 
Voight follows Antonio where his witnesses him do another buy, but this time, he catches him purchasing heroin.
As he confronts his employee and friend, Antonio realizes the jig is up and breaks down crying.
He admits he has a drug problem, and Voight promises to get him help. 
They arrive at the house where Antonio begins packing up when he gets a call from a man named Rizzo who kidnapped Antonio's daughter.
He threatens to kill Eva if they don't release Patrick.
Voight calls the rest of the unit to Antonio's house where he comes clean about his drug usage. 
They all agree to run the operation off-the-books meaning they'll do anything it takes to get Eva back. 
Voight tries to exert his power and connections in the city by asking public officials to let Patrick walk to help out his friend in a bind. 
However, since it's election season, no one is on-board with it. 
Instead, Voight resorts to the good 'ole cage tactics. 
After a few brief "I'll kill you" threats, Patrick tells the squad where his cousin is. 
They find Eva inside badly beaten and bruised. 
An ambulance takes her to the hospital where they promise to administer a rape kit. 
Meanwhile, Intelligence continues their hunt for Rizzo who stole Eva's debit card. 
A local convenience store clerk points them in the direction of an abandoned warehouse where junkies go to score. 
Voight and Ruzek catch up with the guy, and Voight allows Antonio to lay it into him for the kidnapping. 
When Antonio gets too violent, Voight pulls him away, but Rizzo continues to taunt Antonio. 
When he mentions possibly raping Eva, Antonio lunges at Rizzo who flies through a wooden wall and falls to his death. 
As the sirens get closer in the background, Voight questions Antonio about his recent drug usage. 
Antonio admits he took a pill a few hours ago to "help with the anxiety," Voight and Ruzek wonder how they are going to get out of this situation. 
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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Voight: What the hell is going on?
Antonio: What do you mean?
Voight: You don't look so good, bro.

All I know is that if you don't do what this monster says, he'll kill her.