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Carmichael Industries tries to find new clients, but an old rival/flame of Casey's steals all of them away.  One man comes to Carmichael Industries because no one else will take his case.  He gives them 200,000 dollars to extract his brother.


After finding the brother, they realize the original client wants to kill the innocent brother.  They keep the brother and try to figure out what to do. Now calling himself the Bearded Bandit, Morgan makes his way to the client's house to take him out.  Chuck follows him, and after taking out a bunch of bad guys, they are finally caught.


With no way to help them, Sarah is forced to call Casey's old rival/flame, Gertrude Verbanksi, to bail them out.  Her team comes in and saves the day.  Morgan, fed up with her team sidelining him, applies to Verbanski's open position and tells them he has the intersect.

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Chuck Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Someone just found out that the zoom is mightier than the sword, my friend.


It made a nasty scar right over one of my favorite scars.