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Roller's plan is to clean out all Uncle Daddy's accounts to pay off the Russians,figuring that Uncle Daddy will blame Desna for it. He makes her call the salon, to tell them her blackmailing Roller worked and that she was going to celebrate with Gregory. She's depending on Virginia to relay the message to Polly, but Virginia messes that up. Flashbacks throughout follow the development of Roller and Desna's relationship. Quiet Ann discovers Arlene is investigating Desna for setting up the Coombs. Bryce convinces Uncle Daddy to retaliate against the Russians. Desna punctures her tire. A cop comes up behind them, Desna yells for help, but the cop recognizes Roller and drives away. Ann tells Polly what Arlene is up to, and that Arlene had been suspended for DUI. Uncle Daddy's boss Ted comes to visit. Ted beats on Bryce with his sharing stick for talking out of turn. Bryce knocks Ted into a set of stairs and kills him. The Russian twins change the place where they're going to meet up with Roller, and he thinks they plan to kill him. Polly succeeds in getting pills from a pissed-out Dr. Ken so she can frame Arlene. Ann slips the pills into Arlene's coffee, and Arlene falls asleep at the wheel, crashing her car. Uncle Daddy and Bryce stash Ted in the strip club's freezer. After Bryce blows Jenn off, she goes to talk with Hank and they kiss. Dean tells Desna he wants to marry Virginia. Roller reveals that he fought for her with Uncle Daddy. When Dean tells Polly that Desna gave her permission for him to marry Virginia, she knows something's wrong. Roller shoots the twins, then runs off with Desna. He threatens to shoot her, but one of the Russians sneaks up on him. When he turns, Desna runs.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Virginia: I'm not taking those old Jet magazines to Glint.
Toby: I'm keeping them here. I love me some Jet.

Why didn't my family look for me harder, when I was being held by some crazy, opera-singing whore?

Roller [to Desna]