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A replay of the "justice" that was carried out so we can see how Helena felt about it. They selected Snyder for a reason. If things don't play out to their satisfaction, he'll give them justification to make a change. She says they won't "let it come to that." Whatever that is. She does agree that the counter insurgency he put together has been working well.

Snyder thinks that when people see what happened to Luis, they'll think twice about getting involved with the Resistance. 

Broussard puts in ear plugs. When they come close to Snyder, he shoots his driver and another fellow. The assault is on. They're blinding the vehicle Snyder and Will are in and shooting most of the Red Hats. Will is good, however. The Resistance definitely isn't ready for them. Katie is there timing the drones. It's unclear whether or not she knew Will was in the vehicle they attacked.

Will and Snyder are on the run. Katie gets back to the Yonk just as Snyder and Will arrive. 

Quayle can't believe Will managed to upend their operation on his own. 

Katie, meanwhile, calls in a tip. She knows where Snyder is. 

Katie and Snyder chat. There are seven colonies in the Pacific West Coast region. He has no idea what else is out there. In between? That's somewhere you do not want to be. Snyder was previously a provost at Stanford. They came to him after the arrival. They wanted someone who could wrap their hands around everything. 

Katie wants to turn in Snyder. Will reminds her he's the devil they know. At that moment, Snyder says he heard that Charlie is alive. He says he needs Helena's help. He was going to introduce Will to her today. But he needs to get out of this little predicament today in order to keep the ball rolling.

Broussard looks around. He tells Katie Quayle just wants Snyder. Get him out the back door and this all ends.

Will points to Snyder's jacket on top of a barstool. If Broussard saw that, they're coming back. Of course, they're coming back anyway. They bar the doors. Snyder wonders if Will is going to make some bombs or something. Nope. Just hold them off until reinforcements arrive. Snyder needs a drink.

Quayle tells Broussard to screw the deal they made with Katie. Will put himself into the line of fire. Get Broussard!

Snyder says the hosts had data on every human being when they arrived. They knew exactly which position to put them with. Will can't believe Snyder met them. Will said it was a very humbling experience, realizing just how insignificant we are in the universe.

Katie kills the first man in the door when he has his weapon trained on Will. Broussard comes in next. Katie acquiesces. Snyder gets away and so does Broussard.

When reinforcements arrive, Will reveals Snyder behind the bar, safe. Snyder wants Broussard, whoever he is, dead. Katie is completely shocked to learn the people behind Geronimo are not the same as the Resistance. At least I feel vindicated. Thanks, Will!

Quayle and Broussard are talking about where things stand. In the wind, Broussard says. Quayle thinks Katie is a double agent. 

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Colony Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Snyder: We shouldn't have ditched the car. We shouldn't be on foot!
Will: Are you in the military? Law enforcement?
Snyder: No.
Will: Right.

Snyder: You think the Resistance got inside Homeland Security?
Will: I think that food truck raid was practice for this.