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Annie, Auggie and Calder go to Hong Kong to track Henry's courier to him. They find the courier but lose him in the crowd. Calder finds him, but the hand-off was already made. When Calder chases after the courier, he's hit by a car and dies. Since he's the only lead, Annie goes to the police and says she saw him fight with another man.

The police have her look at surveillance footage and she finds the man who took possession of the diamonds. The police tell her to hold on and she sends a picture to Auggie. Joan identifies the man as a MSS agent, Oliver Lee. That puts Annie into a bad situation.

Oliver Lee comes in to talk to her and she makes a deal. He can keep the diamonds if he helps her find Henry. He agrees. They go to the safe house and Oliver sets up a meet. Oliver meets with Henry, but it doesn't go as planned. Henry found out that Calder and Auggie were in Hong Kong.

A fire fight happens and Henry gets away. Oliver stays with Auggie, Calder, and Annie. They decide to change up the plan. Oliver will go to the US to testify against Henry. They are tracked by Henry's men and realize Oliver has his phone on him. Annie takes the phone as a decoy, while the guys head to the airport.

Annie realizes she can't go back to the US without Henry. She calls Auggie, but he already knew she would stay. Calder and Oliver were already in the air. Annie turns herself into Henry's men. Henry and Annie come face-to-face and he's shocked to see her alive.

Back in DC, Joan tells Arthur that Annie's alive and what she's planning. Bianca brings Arthur a deal that will give him a few years behind bars. She makes a mistake and mentions that Auggie set up the bank accounts in Colombia. Arthur realizes she's on Henry's payroll and meets her.

An assassin comes to kill Arthur and Bianca. Arthur is stabbed, but okay. He calls Joan just in time to save her life from an assassin.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Auggie: What just happened?
Annie: I think he's dead.

Annie: Auggie, I have to do this.
Auggie: I was just going to say, "Good luck."