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19 TV Couples Who Could Kill Each Other

19 TV Couples Who Could Kill Each Other

If "Love means never having to say you're sorry," does this mean you receive a license to kill? That sounds sketchy, but these TV couples certainly think so.
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Dallas is back on TNT as J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen Ewing all return along with their grown children John Ross and Christopher.

The series opens as Bobby finds out he has a gastrointestinal tumor but chooses not to tell anyone until after Christopher's upcoming wedding to Rebecca. 

As Bobby makes plans to try and safeguard Southfork's future, John Ross plans to drill it for oil and both he and J.R. attempt to go behind Bobby's back to secure their own futures on the property. John Ross even goes so far as the question the late Miss Ellie's state of mind when she wrote the codicil in her will to protect the property and give it solely to Bobby. 

Sue Ellen runs for governor of the great state of Texas and continues to spar with J.R. 

John Ross is dating Elena Ramos, who used to date Chritopher until he broke up with her via email while out of the country. He claims he never sent that email and blames it on John Ross but Christopher still plans to go ahead with his wedding to Rebecca but little does he knew that his new bride is hiding a secret that could change everything. 

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