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Brian is late on his rent and has to find a job. He can't get hold of the Griffins to borrow money.

Peter and the guys get ready to watch Rocky IV but the DVD isn't working. They go to the mini mart and find Rocky IV in Russian.

Brian gets a job at a suicide hotline and falls in love with his coworker, Martha. Surprise.

The Russian version of the film shows Drago winning the fight. Peter sends Vladmir Putin an email about it.

Peter is watching Captain America when Vladmir Putin shows up at his door. He decides to fight Putin but is prevented from punching Putin by Putin's guards. Putin hits him though.

Brian strikes out with Martha.

Vladmir goes into the Clam to make friends with Peter. They ride on horseback to a strip club.

Vladmir is going home and invites Peter to Russia. Peter doesn't want to but gets scared and ends up on the plane on his way to Russia.

Peter arrives in Russia with Putin. 

Brian talks with his landlord about Martha. While he's at the car with the landlord PCH shows up at his door. The irony.

Peter asks Putin what's fun.

Brian sets up Martha in a drug sting just when she forgives him for earlier.

Putin shows Peter where he rigs every American election and football game. Peter challenges Putin to a fight to determine East/West superiority. They mistake Peter for Kevin James.

Fight ensues ala Rocky IV style.

Peter and Putin do a dance number to Lionel Ritchie's "Say You Say Me" after Lois comes into Peter's head and stops the fight.



Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes

Vladmir Putin: Where is bathroom? I George Brett myself on plane.
Peter: Eww. Gross.

Peter: How do you say friend in Russian?
Putin: There is no Russian word for it.