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When Stewie wanders down to basement to collect his Rupert doll that Peter threw down, he discovers an old script for a television drama pilot that Brian wrote.  After having Lois read the script, she uses her father's connections at CBS to get Brian's show produced.  Brian tries to get Elijah Wood (voicing himself) to get the role, but the studio execs instead choose James Woods (voicing himself).  Woods and the television execs end up turning the show into a horrible sitcom called "Classholes."  After the pilot airs and the family and the Two and a Half Cast (including Charlie Sheen voicing himself) agree the show is terrible, Lois encourages Brian to stand up for his show.  He finally does as the network decides to turn his show into a buddy cop sitcom.  There goes his television career.

Meanwhile, Meg and Chris' fight ends up getting Stewie knocked down the steps, rendering Stewie unconscious with a giant gash on his head.  Despite Meg wanting to take Stewie to the hospital, Chris encourages her to help him hide it using silly hats.  When Peter finds out, he joins in the cover-up and eventually they throw Stewie under Lois' car so she thinks she ran him over.  When Lois tells Peter she wants to cover it up and make someone else take the blame, Peter tells her he loves her and they should take Stewie to the hospital.  Somehow, despite being unconscious for days, the kid lives after being in a coma.  Gotta love cartoons.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

Brian, your script... it was enchanting. This brian griffin? I've never met this Brian Griffin. I would have told you last night, but I was 100% sure you ripped it off. After spending the last 18 hours on the Internet and in libraries trying to find traces of it somewhere, I couldn't find a thing.


I had an idea for a script once. It's basically Jaws except when the guys in the boat are going after Jaws, they look around and there's an even bigger Jaws. The guys have to team up with Jaws to get Bigger Jaws. I call it Big Jaws.