Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 15 online to see how Brian is sent to obedience school and how Peter realizes that he liked his pal better before he was trained.

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Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 15 online to see why Brian needs to be sent to obediance school.

At the Griffin household, the family watches another Indiana Jones movie. Brian gets sick and throws up. Lois asks Peter to rush him to the vet. Meg is offended that they care more about Brian than her.

The vet says Brian's liver isn't functioning. Brian chooses to take pills instead of just stop drinking. The vet tells Peter what suppository means.

Neil and Chris decide to sit together, mainly because they both wear hats.

Brian is thrown off by having to take the pills the "butt way." They get into a scramble. Peter says he used to be a jack in the box.

Peter watches a video about suppository pills with Lois.

When Peter finally succeeds in getting the pill up there, Brian gets alpha and bites him. Peter is shocked. The next morning Brian continues his aggressive streak and Peter is scared.

Lois says she can't handle Brian being in charge of the house any more and tells Peter to stand up for himself and send the dog to "obedience camp."

Neil abandons Chris for Meg when "booty calls." He goes to help her with homework and Chris is left alone.

Brian is sent to a training camp and is being yelled at by his drill Sergeant who knows a lot about pop culture. He gets put in the Clockwork Orange style chair.

The couple who live a few blocks down from the Griffins also have a summer home near the "obedience school."

Meg thanks Neil for his help with the homework, and accepts a date with Chris's supposed homework partner.

Brian comes back home extremely trained and well behaved, but also super submissive and not like himself at all. Stewie notices but also likes that Brian calls him "master."

Peter says he enjoys the new Brian, and gives him permission to do what normal dogs do.

Megan wishes on her mole hair for a kiss from her date, but her date can only see Chris and his betrayal. He runs out of the date at the move theater to go apologize to Chris.

Brian escorts home a blackout drunk Peter. He gets confused by Peter suggesting they pee indoors on a bed.

Drunk, Peter realizes that he does miss the old Brian. He doesn't like how boring his dog now is.

Neil, Meg's date, holds a boom box in front of Chris's window to earn his friendship back. He turns down Meg in front of SChris to show how important their friendship is. Chris is happy.

Meg says she hates Neil.

Peter throws potatoes at Cleveland's house. He then goes to talk to Lois about missing his friend. Lois remind him that Brian bit him and needs the training.

Peter incites Brian by going near his anus, and gets bit again. He apologizes for changing him and talks about wanting his old friend back. Brian and Peter make up and hug it out, while Stewie comments on their embrace from the stairs. Peter worries about getting the finger tainted by Brian's privates in his eye.

Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 15 online to see what happens after Brian needs to be sent to obediance school after biting Peter.

Episode Details

On Family Guy Season 13 Episode 15, after sending Brian to obedience school, Peter realizes that he liked his pal better before he was trained.

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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 15 Quotes

Brian: Permission to take fast tiny bites at my own tail, sir?
Peter: Go ahead.

Home-Ec just got out, and I'm gonna go lick all their bowls.