Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 6, "2,000 Year Old Virgin," online in order to relieve Peter Griffin's attempts at helping Jesus lose his virginity.

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Watch Family Guy online to see Jesus and Peter reunite after a hiatus. Shopping in the mall with Lois, and perusing an expensive massage chair in Brookstone, Peter comes across his old pal Jesus. Peter realizes that the state of affairs for the man are pretty poor. He is outraged at Jesus's lack of plans for Christmas, and his birthday, and decides to throw him a birthday party.

It's revealed to Peter and the gang that Jesus is a 2,000 year old virgin.

Peter tells Lois that he's going to help Jesus get laid. She offers sage advice about the trails of love and that Jesus might want more than a one night a stand. Peter ignores her advice and takes Jesus speed dating. Her advice and personality allow Jesus to warm up to her and chose her as his first mate.

Lois claims to be the only one with the ability to help Jesus, and both of them end up going on a lunch date. Jesus confronts Peter for permission, and Peter acts offended and calls out for all of the equally pissed off Christians watching the show to join in his crusade.

After receiving his wish of a Brookstone massage chair, Peter arranges for Jesus to sleep with his wife.

However, it is revealed that Jesus is just a con man whose slept with numerous wives throughout the years. Fortunately, Lois has already refused to go through with the arrangement, as Peter take some time arriving at the scene.

Ultimately, Jesus manages to convince them both that it was just a test from God, and the lonely vagabond goes on his way.

Episode Details

On Family Guy Season 13 Episdoe 6, "The 2000 Year Old Virgin," upon finding out that Jesus is still a virgin, Peter decides to help him find a woman to hook up with.

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