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An elderly man awakens to find that his wife has turned, which appears that he has known his wife was sick, since it doesn't come as much of a shock to him. She attempts to bite him on the neck, but doesn't cause any damage since she does not have her false teeth in.

The man embraces his wife as he shoots himself in the head, killing her as well. As they fall, a lantern is knocked over, engulfing the house in flames.

Members of the ranch rush to try and help extinguish the blaze, but Jeremiah advises that it is a lost cause and to save the water.

The following day, Alicia learns from Gretchen that the elderly man was one of the founding fathers along with Jeremiah who helped build the town. Alicia later goes to Blake's place, and they end up sleeping together.

Luciana continues to recover, but still insists they she and Nick leave. Nick eventually convinces her to stay, at least for the time being.

Madison heads out with Troy and a small group to head out and investigate one of the outposts that lost communication with the ranch. Along the way, they encounter Natives who hold a serious grudge against the Otto family for having built their town on their land. After discovering bullet casings, Madison comes to find that these are the same people who shot down the helicopter and killed Travis.

Madison, Troy and the others are stripped of their weapons and footwear, and forced to head back to the ranch to deliver Jeremiah a message. On the way back to the ranch, Madison forces a reluctant Troy to let everyone rest before continuing. In the middle of the night, Jake threatens Madison with a knife to her throat while she sleeps, but decides against killing her.

In his continued effort to find Ofelia, Daniel takes Strand has Strand drive him to the Rosarito. Upon their arrival, the lobby is in disarray, with blood everywhere.

In order to get the truth from Strand, Daniel rings the desk bell, attracting a group of infected, while holding Strand at gunpoint. Strand eventually tells Daniel that Ofelia left a long time ago, which prompts Daniel to leave Strand behind at the hotel, as the infected close in on him. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Save the water...let it burn.


Daniel: Drive through them Victor.
Strand: I'm not going to damage this vehicle.
Daniel: I'm going to damage you if you don't move!