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As Jeremiah helps Nick with target practice, they notice Madison, Troy and the rest of the group return to the ranch.

Physically and mentally drained, everyone from the ranch runs to their aid at the gates, offering water and assistance. When Jeremiah asks what happened, Troy suggests they speak in private. Vernon, who is another one of the founding fathers of the ranch, disagrees about speaking privately, as they all deserve to know what happened.

Mike, Vernon's son, spills the beans on Walker and his group who ambushed them. Mike suggests to the community that they all need to leave, or they'll die.

At Jeremiah's, Madison, Troy and Jake discuss how to handle the current situation. Troy wants to hit Walker and his men back immediately, but Jeremiah is against the idea, thinking they will just get ambushed again.

Jeremiah doesn't feel there is an immediate threat, but Madison insists that Walker is potentially a serious threat to the community.

Later that night, fires are set around the entire community, as a warning from Walker to get out or die.

The following morning, Vernon tells Jeremiah that it is no longer safe at the ranch and plans to leave with his family, including his daughter, Gretchen.

Madison pleads with Jeremiah not to let them leave, as everyone who leaves only leaves them all weaker in the impending fight with Walker.

Troy attempts to stop Vernon and his family at the gate, attempting to get them to stay by means of threatening him. Jake tries to calm Troy, which results in a brief scuffle between the two before Jeremiah steps in to break it up.

Vernon and his family proceed to leave the ranch, as Gretchen and wave goodbye to each other.

That evening, Nick meets Jeremiah at his old home to find him drunk. After coming to terms with two of the founding fathers being killed, and Vernon deciding to leave, Jeremiah has resorted to drinking again. Nick helps him to bed to sleep it off.

The following morning, Jeremiah notices one of the donkeys that Vernon left with has found its way back to the ranch. Jeremiah asks Nick to get Madison, as they try to find out what happened.

After a bit of a drive, the three locate the Vernon's RV, which has been shot up. They find the entire family has been slaughtered and shambling around as infected. Jeremiah, Nick and Madison are forced to dispatch them all.

At first, they believe Walker and his men are responsible, however, Nick deduces that they didn't take any of the food or supplies from the RV, which didn't make sense.

The trio return to the ranch with the bodies in tow, as the rest of the community watches in shock. Madison uses their deaths as an example and explains to everyone that if they leave they will die, but if they stay together they will live.

In the bunker, Troy rallies his men and tells them that they must be prepared to defend the community with their lives and make everyone feel safe.

Madison later approaches Troy, who reveals that it was him who murdered Vernon and his family. He explains that he just went to talk to them, but things escalated.

Troy appears remorseful, but Madison tells him that she doesn't care what he did or why he did it,but that he needs to control himself in order to help lead and protect the ranch at all costs.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Nick: What happened to your hand?
Jeremiah: You know that song, "you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with"? Well, it goes the same with hitting people.

There's a fight coming. Everyone who leaves, leaves us weaker.