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An old commercial of Jeremiah Otto and his family, including a young Jake and Troy by his side. The commercial is for his book called Teotwawki, which is a preparation and survival guide for the end of civilization.

The ranch holds a town meeting as everyone questions who shot down the helicopter in the previous episode, but Jeremiah has no answers. Everyone is also very skeptical of Madison and her family since being brought to the ranch.

While Luciana recovers, she tells Nick that once she is well enough, they need to leave the ranch. Nick attempts to pursuade Madison and Alicia to follow suit, but Madison is quick to turn the idea down and they must stay since Travis gave his life to get them all there.

Alicia finds a friend in a girl named Gretchen, who asks Alicia if she would like to join her bible study group. That evening, Gretchen and other teenagers, lead Alicia into an underground bunker for their "study group". Unbeknownst to Alicia, the other kids intentions are merely to get high and drink alcohol, which Alicia eventually takes part in.

Gretchen then brings out a severed infected head that they call "Jeff" and show it to Alicia. At first, Alicia appears shocked at what she's seeing, but eventually just laughs it off along with Gretchen and the rest of the gang.

Later on, Troy and few members of his group get Nick to hunting with them and Troy gives him a gun. While they're separated, Nick ambushes Troy and threatens to shoot him, to which Troy welcomes and insists that Nick follow through.

Nick instead intentionally misses and steals Troy's journal and begins tearing out the pages. After a brief scuffle, the two begin laughing at the situation with each other, and Troy states that they can be friends now.

Another meeting is called by Jeremiah and advises that one of their outposts is not responding, and plans to send a team to investigate. Madison volunteers to go as well in order to help earn her keep as well as use the situation to help change her perception to those at the ranch who are still skeptical of her.

On the road, Strand goes to meet an old friend, Dante Esquivel, who is the leader of the Gonzales Dam Community. They are at first cordial with one another, but Dante quickly turns on Strand and his men threaten to throw him into a pit of infected.

Dante tells Strand that he is going to make him suffer, as Strand himself has made others suffer by taking advantage of them.

Strand is thrown into a cell, where he is offered water by an un-seen person, but Strand quickly realizes it to be non other than Daniel Salizar.

Fear the Walking Dead
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