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-Peter's mother is arrested for prostitution. She claims she's really a sex surrogate. Turns out ADA Brad Hewitt is prosecuting because he hates Peter.


-Jared hooks up with ADA Ellen Swatello who tries to get Hewitt to drop the case but he won't. Jared and Ellen continue to hook up for what they call "hate sex."


-Peter questions his mother on the stand and is able to prove that her client list should be considered confidential.  


-Ellen gives Jared copies of incriminating e-mails from Hewitt. The boys have Coleen show them to the DA who demotes Hewitt and the case is dismissed.


-Damien tries to woo a retiring judge for his endorsement but he'll only endorse Damien if he sets him up on a date with Rachel King. Stanton tells the judge it is inappropriate and it won't happen.


Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Coleen: I took him to the room that I use for more confidential encounters.
Peter: Please don't say my room.
Colleen: Well it has a wonderful view of the canyon, honey.

Well I don't have sex with most of my clients.