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Will took Emma's advice of letting other stars in the group shine this week, changing up all Sectionals performances to feature under-used characters such as Sam, Quinn, Santana, Mike and Brittany.

This caused tension for everyone, most notably tension, who was robbed of her usual solo. But she had plenty more to worry about:

Santana revealed that she slept with Finn and even a counseling session with Emma didn't make Rachel feel any better about it. She ended up confiding in Puck, who tried to recruit new members to the group in light of Kurt's departure. He succeeded in landing a girl wrestler named Lauren, but he was also thrown into a port-o-potty by his football teammates.

As a result, he made a deal to be nicer than ever.. but couldn't stop himself from at least kissing Rachel. He did then back off, but after she told Finn about what happened, he dumped her.

Elsewhere, Emma had shocking news of her own for Will: she went to Vegas with Carl and got married!

Kurt, meanwhile, was having some trouble adjusting to life at Dalton Academy. He didn't get a solo at Sections, as Blaine tried to tell him the team frowns on anyone who tries too hard to stand out.

As for Sectionals themselves? Dalton and William McKinley tied for first. Both will move on to Regionals.

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Glee Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You used to be just sort of unlikeable, but now I feel like punching you every time you open your mouth.

Quinn [to Rachel]

You're a constellation of stars. I just hate to think you might be ignoring some of them because they don't burn quite as bright.