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Barbara is having a bizarre nightmare about her failed wedding with Gordon. She wakes up and finds a gift from Galavan.

Galavan is looking out his window. Tabitha asks him why he's up so early. He's thinking about his meeting later with Bruce. He intends on asking Bruce to turn over Wayne Enterprises. Tabitha doesn't think his scheme will work.

Barbara shows up and thanks Galavan for her present. He tells her that today she gets to kill Jim Gordon.

Jim is in Barnes office telling him everything he knows about Galavan. Barnes tells Gordon he needs to come up with proof before the GCPD can do anything.

Lee tells Jim he is crazy for going after the newly elected mayor.

Barbara shows up at the police station. She is in the interrogation room, but will only speak to Jim.

Jim wants her to tell him everything about Galavan. She doesn't say anything. He kisses her in hopes that will convince her to start talking. Lee, Bullock, and Barnes are watching behind the window.

Barbara tells Jim she wants to show him something. She wants him to take her for a ride. The interrogation ends when Barbara's lawyer shows up. Barbara goes to them mirror. She knows Lee is watching. She flashes a wicked smile.

Barnes thinks Barbara is setting Jim up. Lee thinks it's a bad idea, but Jim insists that they go along with Barbara's plan. He hopes that she will give him something that will help him take down Galavan.

Nygma shows up in the woods. His license plate is "RIDL LOVR".  He has Kringle sealed up in a trunk in the trunk. He starts dragging the trunk to find a burial place.

Silver is reading a book when Bruce shows up for his meeting with Galavan.

Jim has a new Strike Force team. They gear up and will follow Jim, Bullock, and Barbara. Barnes tells Bullock to be careful. He thinks that Jim is too emotionally involved and is being played. Lee tries to convince Jim not to go. Barbara comes out in cuffs and confronts Lee.

Galavan asks Bruce what his dream is and Bruce tells him it's finding his parents' murderer. He wants to kill the person who killed them. Galavan shares his dream of cleaning up Gotham. He tells Bruce that if he helps him, he will return the favor.

Bullock is driving Barbara and Gordon to where she wants to go.

Galavan tells Bruce he's been investigating Wayne Enterprises and knows all its dirty laundry. Bruce questions why Galavan is telling him all this. Galvan tells Bruce he wants Bruce to sell his shares to him. He tells Bruce he knows who killed his parents and will give him the information and proof once he hands over the company. He gives him until the end of the day to make a decision.

In the police car, Jim tries to convince Barbara that Galavan is using her. It is a long ride to where Barbara wants to go and Bullock is getting nervous. He wants to call the whole thing off, but Gordon tells him he needs more time. He believes he has influence over her.

Nygma had dug Kringle's grave. He is having a picnic, pours a glass of wine. He toasts her, thanking her for helping him become whole. A hunter shows up wondering what is going on. Nygma kills him with a shovel. He has to go back to his car to get some additional tools to take care of getting rid of the hunter's body.

Jim and gang are still driving. Barnes orders them to turn back, but Jim convinces Bullock to keep going. Bullock ignores Barnes' orders. As they drive through an intersection, they slammed by a truck. Everyone is knocked out. There are armed gunmen. Jim comes to and sees Barbara by his window when someone sticks a needle in his neck, knocking him out again.

Barnes is on the hunt for Gordon when Bullock shows up. Barnes wants him to go home, but Bullock doesn't listen.

At gravesite, Nygma pulls out a body saw to chop the hunter up so he can fit in the grave with Kringle. When he looks over to the picnic he set up he finds that someone has eaten all his food. This makes him nervous and he goes on the hunt for the intruder who left a blood trail.

Bruce is in the "cave" looking at a letter when Alfred comes in. Bruce tells Alfred about his conversation with Galavan. Alfred tells him its extortion and reminds him that Wayne Enterprises is his parents' legacy and should be retained by him. Bruce just wants the nightmare of his parents murder to be over. He cries and hugs Alfred.

Jim wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair in the church where he and Barbara were supposed to get married. Barbara comes down the aisle in her wedding dress holding a shotgun. There are people tied up in the church as well including witnesses and the priest. Jim still tries to negotiate with Barbara. Tabitha shows up with Lee tied up. Barbara takes off Lee's mouth gag. She tells Lee that Jim has been lying to her. But Lee knows how he got reinstated to the GCPD which surprises Barbara.

At the GCPD, Bullock is listening to the conversation from the police car ride. He figures out where Barbara took Gordon. He tells Barnes and they take off to the cathedral.

Barbara is holding a knife to Lee. Lee is trying talk her way out of getting killed while Jim is trying to break the ropes tying his hands. He gets Barbara to give him once piece of information about Galavan. She tells him where Mayor James is.

The GCPD shows up. Jim breaks loose. Tabitha gets shot. Barbara takes off. Jim chases her to the bell tower. She comes at him with the knife but he moves out of the way and crashes through the window. He is able to hold on to her. They talk some more and Barbara lets go falling to the ground.

She doesn't die. Lee tells Jim that bushes stopped her fall, though she is still in critical condition. Lee tells Jim they need to talk later. Jim and the Strike Force head to where Mayor James is being held. They find him still with the box on his head.

Bruce is in Galavan's office ready to sign the contract to hand over his company. Galavan has the envelope with all the information he promised Bruce on his desk. Bruce changes his mind about signing the contract when the GCPD show up to arrest Galavan.

Galavan is confused. He throws the envelope into the fireplace as Jim walks over to cuff him. Bruce screams when he realizes the envelope is gone.

The trail of blood leads Nygma to a camper. As he starts to enter the camper, Penguin comes out. He is all bloodied up from the gunshot wound. They recognize each other. Penguin begs for Nygma's help.




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Not to worry. No one's every accused me of getting sucked into mind games.


It must be killing you, all that righteous indignation with nowhere to go.