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  • Hayes enlists Maggie's help for his young patient who needs a heart surgery to survive. He speaks to the father and he gets frustrated when he can't find any other way out. 
  • Maggie needs some convincing, but they manage to do a rare surgery that they have never done before and savethe baby. 
  • Jo talks to Meredith while she's stil sleeping to tell her abou tchangign her specialty after running it past everyone else. 
  • Merdith overhears it in her sleep, and she wakes up long enough to talk to Richard about it. She also thanks him for whwat he did for her while she was sick. 
  • Richard talks to Jo about changing specalties. 
  • Jackson, Levi, and Mama Ortiz treat the covid patients who are getting tested. 
  • When he finds out that some people can't properly quaratine, Jackson gives his credit card to Levi so he can use it to buy hotel rooms for patients in need. 
  • Mama Ortiz gets upset and tells him that he's interfering with the community organizers who need those hotel rooms at discounted rates so they can come in and provide long term solutions for everyone in need. 
  • Jackson offers Mama Ortiz the opportunity to share her ideas on how to help disenfranchized groups in a collaborative effort with her social work skills and his money. 
  • Link's parents come into town and take the kids. His mother keeps caling Amelia his wife. 
  • Link proposes when he thinks that Amelia wants it but they talk about marriage and Amelia's addiction. 
  • Owen makes amends and apologizes to Teddy.
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