A Change of Plans - Industry Season 1 Episode 8
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Harper walks around London while listening to a voiceover of her presentation in preparation for Reduction in Force Day.

Yasmin and Daria have a meeting. Harper barges in, asking to speak to Daria, but Daria says only when she is finished meeting with Yasmin. n

Robert gets a package at his desk with a note attached to it. He reads the note and puts the package away without opening it.

Rishi gives the graduates advice for their RIF presentations.

Sara walks by and asks Gus to meet with her over lunch. He agrees.

Hilary stops by Yasmin's desk and discreetly asks if she will formally file a complaint about Kenny. Yasmin is still unsure.

During lunch, Gus is very blunt with his feelings regarding Pierpoint. Sara discreetly offers him a permanent position before his presentation.

At the end of the day, when everyone prepares to leave work, Yasmin asks Harper if she's ready to go. Harper says she has work to do, so she stays. Yasmin thanks Daria for their meeting.

Yasmin walks outside and approaches Robert, who is on his motorcycle. They talk, and then Yasmin kisses him.

Harper asks Daria about her meeting with Yasmin. Then, she asks Daria to voice for her during RIF. Daria does not give Harper a direct answer. In the elevator, Harper tells Daria that she was sexually assaulted by Nicole.

Robert is at Clement's house for tea. He asks Clement about his drug addiction, then Clement gives Robert advice for his presentation. 

Yasmin is at home practicing for her presentation while Harper listens to her recorded speech in a restaurant.

The next day, Rishi comes in with snacks and proposes RIF bingo. Harper opens her fortune cookie from the restaurant. 

Robert offers Harper a pill, but she refuses. They go outside to smoke, and he asks her out on a date. Robert goes back inside for his presentation, but he kisses Harper first.

Robert speaks in front of Pierpoint's executive panel, and his nose starts to bleed.

Yasmin asks Kenny if he would vouch for her and subtly threatens to file a complaint against him if he does not. Then, Yasmin gets a call from someone who is downstairs wanting to see her. It's Seb, and he asks to get back together, but Yasmin refuses.

Daria and Robert ride an elevator together. Robert makes small talk, and Daria responds with her opinion of him.

During Yasmin's presentation, she receives an opportunity to speak about incidents she experienced, but she decides not to say anything about Kenny.

Theo meets Gus in the break room, and he tells Gus that Alice moved out. Theo asks Gus to spend the weekend with him, but then Theo has to reschedule. 

Yasmin and Harper run into each other in the bathroom. They talk, and Yasmin comforts Harper.

When it is Gus's turn for his presentation, he only says one thing before walking out: "Buy the dip. Short the VIX. Fuck Bitcoin." As he walks out, Harper is waiting outside the conference room.

Harper tries to give her rehearsed speech during her presentation, but she stutters and eventually leaves. She has a panic attack in the middle of the lobby. Gus sees her, and he helps her through it.

Pierpoint executives begin discussing the graduates. Harper walks back to her desk. When Gus leaves the office, everyone applauds him. 

One of Pierpoint's executives, Bill Adler, invites Harper to dinner. At dinner, Eric is there, and Bill tries to get Harper to retract her statement about Eric so that he can return to Pierpoint. 

Sara interrupts the conversation and asks to speak to Harper. They go outside, and Sara offers Harper a permanent position at Pierpoint.

Bill, Eric, Harper, and Sara ride an elevator. Once Bill and Sara get off, Harper and Eric talk.

Harper sits back down at her desk, and Daria apologizes to her for not taking her accusation against Nicole seriously. Someone calls for Daria, and Harper apologizes to her before she leaves.

Security begins emptying Daria's desk. Yasmin confronts Harper about what happened. Harper retracted her statement by saying Daria pressured her into lying. Yasmin and Harper fight.

Yasmin goes back to her desk. Kenny congratulates her, but she tells him off.

Harper walks outside of the building and sees Daria leaving. They make eye contact before Daria gets into the car.

Harper calls Robert, but she gets his voicemail. She stops by his apartment, and Gus answers. Robert is not there, but Gus gives Harper something she left at their place -- Yasmin's birthday gift for her.

Yasmin takes a shower, and Harper wanders around London.

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Industry Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Buy the dip. Short the VIX. Fuck Bitcoin.


Yasmin: You obviously don't want me to say anything.
Hilary: You always have a choice. But are you a team player, Yasmin? Because I like to hire team players.