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In an intense opening, we see three victims of three different crimes.

The first victim is a girl running from a car, her shirt torn open.

The second victim is a woman whose husband is 3throwing her to the floor. He throws a bottle at her while she and her young son beg him to stop. He throws the bottle in the son's direction.

The third victim is a woman thrown out of a car.

It's now 11:58 PM and in the squad room, everyone is preparing to go home. Kat makes the mistake of saying its been quiet all night. Rollins warns her not to do that again. Sure enough, the phone rings. Twice. And then Benson's cell rings too.

Fin's case is the domestic violence case. Andre, the little boy, called 911. His mom says they don't need the police and he shouldn't have called. Andre says his mom is bleeding.

Benson's case is the girl running from the car. Her mother knows Hadid and that's why she called Benson personally. The girl, Chloe, was sexually assaulted by the driver of a car service.

Kat's case is a transgender sex worker. The patrol officer says derogatory things and it turns out he arrested the victim. Kat knows her from when she was in Vice and removes the cuffs. She tells someone to radio the hospital and make sure they get a sexual assault nurse who is familiar with trans issues.

It is now 2 AM. The mother says her ex husband showed up drunk. She should have given in sooner. Fin suggests she get a rape kit. She lets Fin take Andre to her sister.

Chloe tells Benson her story. The driver tried to rape her and she ran away but left her shoes in the car.

Her parents come in, in a rush to take her home. Benson asks them for more time. They go away again. Chloe tells Benson she thought she was going to die.

Andre is scared his dad will be mad he called 911 and wants to know if his dad is going to jail.

Kat goes to see Lakira. Lakira has no family. She just wanted to make money for a place to stay. The guy beat her and raped her. She thinks it's a waste of time for Kat to help her but Kat won't leave so she describes the perp amd his vehicle.

Rollins pulls over and arrests the driver, Mohammed.

Benson asks if Kat's case is a hate crime. Kat doesnt think so.

Fin has coffee. He also has a heartbreaking recording of the 911 call.

Saturday morning. Fin arrests Leon.

Chloe's mom is not happy that Rollins is there instead of Benson. Her parents try to interfere with the virtual lineup. The mom wants to make a call. Chloe and Rollins say no.

Leon denies everything. He says Joelle said if he wanted some to force her. Joelle won't release her rape kit.

Carisi is familiar with Chloe's case. The parents have been bothering him.

Kat got a parking ticket for a guy who may be the perp in her case. Lakira's on her way up to do a lineup.

Mohammed's attorney wants to plead to a misdemeanor, which no one is interested in.

Carisi talks with Lakira. She makes a strong ID but she doesn’t think anyone will believe her over a corporate lawyer. She was assaulted before at 14 and the cop told her to take her makeup off and go home.

There is a problem with Chloe’s case. Chloe canceled the ride with Mohammed. Carisi sends Mohammed back to holding pending checking this out. He gets into it with Rollins, who accuses him of caring more about Hadid’s opinion than about justice for Chloe. She is angry he left SVU.

Benson tells Carisi and Rollins to stop yelling at each other while she’s on the phone with the deputy chief. Carisi comes to see Benson. He’s stressed out. He says that Joelle MUST testify or else he’s going to have to put little Andre on the stand and Benson needs to make that clear.

Kat interrupts. Paul Davies is at a country club. She wants to make the arrest. Benson says no. Carisi says they only have one shot at Davies. Benson insists Carisi go with Kat to make this arrest, which neither of them is happy about.

Kat and Carisi talk to Davies who claims his car was stolen/towed and that he doesn’t know Lakira. Kat wants to canvass the area. Carisi has a better idea: go undercover at the pier.

Benson talks to Joelle, who doesn’t see a point to testifying and whose sister wants Benson to go away. Benson plays the 911 call and Joelle breaks down crying and says she’ll do whatever she has to.

Fin is glad to hear this -- he can take a nap if Rollins can manage to keep it down. Rollins rolls her eyes and tells Benson she has a lead on Chloe’s case. She has video cam footage. Chloe went into a car with a bent license plate -- not from the service company. It is registered to a man in Queens. Benson doesn’t want her going alone and tells her to wake up Fin.

Fin and Rollins go to the man’s residence. He is 63 years old but has a son matching the description. The son tries to run away. Rollins, Fin, and the father chase him and he is quickly caught. He says that he did it for his father.

Sanjay tells Rollins that his father lost a lot of business to Uber. He assaulted Chloe so that people would be afraid of car services and not use them.

One down. But Chloe has to make an ID. She does. Carisi feels bad about holding Mohammed and sets him free. Mohammed asks what changed. Carisi gives Rollins the credit.

Chloe apologizes to Mohammed. Her parents take her home. Carisi asks Rollins if they’re good. She isn’t sure.

Kat’s perp is here. Rollins wants to go home but Fin tells her nope. She goes back to the squad room, as does Kat, who is upset that Benson is taking over the questioning but happy when the guy is arrested.

Kat goes to see Lakira and see how she’s doing. She also tells her they arrested the guy but need her to make a statement. Lakira isn’t sure. People think she’s a freak. Kat says she will be there too. Lakira says she will do it for Kat.

Everyone is about to go home when Joelle’s sister shows up. Joelle isn’t going to press charges. If she does she’ll lose Leon’s financial support. She goes and Fin goes to talk to Leon.

Carisi appears in court. Case #1: Chloe’s case -- arraigned on 50k bail Case #2: Joelle’s case -- Fin whispers to Carisi that Leon will plead guilty to assault if they drop the rape charge. Done. 50k bail. Case 3: Lakira’s case… apparently Lakira signed a statement saying she made it all up. Davies is released ROR.

Joelle is mad that Benson didn’t mind her own business and now they’re losing Leon’s money.

Kat goes to see Lakira, who says that she turned garbage into gold. Davies paid her off and now maybe if she gives this beautiful purse to her mom, her mom will take her back.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 5 Quotes

Fin: So we're looking at a sexual assault?
Cop: And beating. Just another Friday night in the Projects.

Rollins: You going out?
Kat: House party.
Rollins: I miss those.
Fin: I don't. See you all Monday.
[Benson comes out]
Benson: You all still here?
Rollins: Two minutes to midnight and counting.
Kat: In Vice we never had a Friday night this quiet.
Rollins: I know you're new here, but around here we don't say the Q word.