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A young woman tells her mom she will be home later tonight (famous last words?)

Some kid is in too much of a rush to help a neighbor with a wheelchair up the steps. He's apparently late to work and gets warned about going to jail and/or losing pay. He also gets yelled at by his boss for flirting with the girl from the first scene.

There are a bunch of guys on motorcycles who yell at some guys on a stoop that they're watching them, then take off.

The girl from the first scene punches out. The boy offers to walk her to the bus but she won't let him.

The boy leaves and looks creeped out.

We see some old guy pray to stop his sinful urges and he puts on a porn video.

The girl is walking down the street and is grabbed from behind.

SVU is called in. The girl never came home and her wallet and cell have been found.  Fin suspects it's one of the pedophiles down the street.

They talk to the parents and to the girl's boss, who claims that Loni (the boy from before) is on parole and lives in the "pedo motel." The cops question him and Fin is rough on him.

Carisi goes to talk to Benson, supposedly about the case, but really to ask her about Stabler. The brass wants to know why Stabler messed with Benson's interrogation. She should be careful.

Meanwhile, there is evidence Loni did not go back to his room during his break like he claimed. Sadly, Saranda has been found dead.

The ME says Saranda was hit in the head with a brick or a rock. Hasim shows up. He is now working for homicide. He has brought Rollins coffee the way she likes it. Homicide has sent him to work with SVU because he is Muslim.

There are a bunch of protesters outside the sex offenders' halfway home. One guy says he just prays to St Anthony and anyway is into little boys. He was here watching TV. Frank, the next guy, is into triple plus size older women and resents being checked.

Loni still insists he was there during his break. Fin says where were you? Loni says he went for a walk to the park. He insists he didn't do anything to Soranda. He says he is not a rapist and was caught with a 15 year old girlfriend when he was 18.

Fin and Benson talk in front of the protestors. Carisi recognizes the leader as a guy named Elvis who is causing trouble. Benson says if anyone did this we have to get them out before the vigilantes do anything. A bloody rock has been found. Maybe they can make the arrest soon.

Carisi, Fin, and Benson debate the issue of the halfway house. Anyway there is no physical evidence but there's a circumstantial case against Loni. Security footage shows Loni at the junkyard. They are going to arrest him but get a call that the halfway house has been set on fire. Loni is found murdered. -- he was strangled then set on fire.

Arson confirms the fire started in Loni's room. News has already got ahold of Loni being tortured. The rest of the residents are all in the hospital. Kat thinks this is racist vigilantism.

Rollins talks to the old man who can barely hear and can't tell them anything.

Frank says Loni lived right above him. He heard loud voices and screams. He didn't think the cops would care so he didn't call the police. He heard someone call one of them Eduardo.

The guy in the wheelchair heard motorcycle engines. Says the vigilantes have been trying to scare them. It was quiet at 10 PM last night.

Fin and Benson go to talk to Elvis. He sexually harasses Benson and claims to have an alibi. He says that the arson was karma and he wouldn't tell them anything if he knew.

They get security footage and the bikers were in their house til after the fire. There is video of another set of bikers. One could be Eduardo Alvarez.

Eduardo has a picture of Loni's body on his phone. He says all he did was put Loni in the chair.  Meanwhile evidence comes back. DNA shows Loni did not kill Soronda in the first place.

All three of the perps are claiming the others were the instigators. Fin realizes Loni just didn't trust him enough to tell him his alibi. He feels guilty. He knows that Black kids are often treated unfairly by cops.

Fin and Benson talk to Loni's parents who confirm his story -- he was in love with his girlfriend and her father was a parole officer who didn't like it.

Rollins gets a call from her dad on the way to see Eastman. Eastman sends his daughter inside and seems abusive to her. She goes in and Eastman claims that Loni was violent toward his daughter. He won't let them talk to McKenna.

Rollins thinks they should run all of Eastman's parolees' DNA.

The cops interview a guy named Antonio who is scared of them calling Eastman. The DNA led them to him.  He says it's not his. It's someone related to him.

Antonio is reluctantly to point out the perp while on stakeout with Kat. He eventually does. Fin and Rollins arrest a Sam Johnson who also has a jacket like Loni had.

Sami claims he was only supposed to kidnap this girl and frame Loni. She wouldn't stop screaming so he hit her with a brick and accidentally killed her. Antonio is his half brother and said he had to do this or his parole would be violated. It's enough to pick up Eastman.

Eastman is arrested and insists he won't go down for this.

Rollins has a ton of evidence that Eastman was involved. Carisi is in a rush. He apparently has a date or something. Rollins gets a call from Atlanta and says she will see what she can do. Carisi asks her what's going on. Her father has had a stroke. Carisi says she needs to go. She can't. The girls, her job...  Carisi says it's gonna be okay.

Benson and Fin talk to Loni's parents. She says that the night it happened McKenna sneaked out to see Loni and feels guilty about his death. Soronda's parents show up and they offer each other condolences. Fin says their children were both killed because of hate.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 10 Quotes

Fin: That buliding on the corner. Pedo Motel.
Benson: Pedo Motel?
Fin: That's what the neighborhood watch calls it. A bunch of SOs live there. Maybe one of those creeps followed her.
Benson: Okay. Let's dial it back a little. I know you don't believe it, but registered SOs have the lowest recidivism rates.

Boy: Let me walk you to your bus. There's a lot of bad dudes around here.
Girl: I'm fine.
Boy: I'm not like that.