On Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 9, SVU investigates the case of a serial sexual predator who may be grooming an ex-cop's young daughters.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 9 revolves around the story of Steve Getz, a seemingly untouchable billionaire pedophile.

Getz's girlfriend recruits an ex-cop's 15-year-old daughter, Ivy, for photo shoots which include taking naked photos and raping Ivy. Ivy becomes mean and angry and won't listen to her father.

SVU investigates, but Ivy won't cooperate. Kate takes matters into her own hands, pretending to be Ivy's aunt to get close to Getz and his girlfriend. She gets the girlfriend on tape giving her money for Ivy's "services" and agreeing to pay her to get Getz more girls.

Getz has someone beat up Ivy's father, causing him to say he wants to kill Getz. Ivy decides to testify to prevent this. However, Getz makes a deal that results in him walking.

Benson and Rollins assure Ivy's father that this isn't over, but Ivy and her father don't listen. When Ivy's estranged mother gives her and her sister permission to be on Getz's boat, Frank loses it altogether and takes Rollins hostage during her therapy session.

To find out what happens, watch Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 9 online.

Episode Details

On Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 9, a fellow detective asks the SVU for help when he suspects his two daughters are being groomed by a serial predator.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 9 Quotes

Rollins: Next time we should talk about my dad. Who I haven't spoken to in 15 years. He called me this morning.
Therapist: Doorknob comment. This might have been worth bringing up during the session.

Getz: Beautiful. Now drop those hands.
Ivy: I don't know...
Getz: Come on. Show that body. You can do that for me, can't you?