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A pizza guy delivers several pizzas to Lucifer's penthouse. Lucifer invites him in and introduces him to the Brittney's. The Brittney's ask Lucifer to join them, but Lucifer doesn't.

He talks about the incident with Dr. Martin who suggests he's lonely.

Lucifer is still angry with Maze, but she tells him he has a visitor. It's a priest, Father Frank. Lucifer makes a joke about a priest walking into a bar.

Father Frank tells him he's heard through the grapevine that Lucifer can get things done. He's concerned about a drug operation operating at a youth center that includes a kid he's concerned about. Lucifer thinks the priest is bad and hypocritical and refuses to help him because he's on God's side.

Lucifer tells Chloe about the priest and the drug operation the priest talked about. They visit the youth center to talk to the director. He's dead and a murder investigation opens.

Malcom is back on duty and tells Dan he's his new partner. Malcolm wants Dan to get something out of the evidence room.

Lucifer and Dan visit Father Dan's church to talk with Father Frank.

Amenadiel meets Malcolm in the garage. Turns out he made a deal with him to bring him back.

Chloe wants to take Father Frank in to give a statement. As they are leaving the church there is a drive-by. Lucifer takes the priest to the bar and tries to tempt him with strippers dressed as nuns.

Father Frank isn't tempted. Lucifer is impressed.

At the bar the three of them have drinks and Father Frank tells Lucifer the story of his past including that he had a band that opened for the Rolling Stones and other famous bands. There was an accident and Connor's parents and Father Frank's daughter was killed.

He then challenges Lucifer to a piano duel. They go at it when Chloe shows up, spoiling the fun.

Lucifer leaves with Chloe to follow up a lead. He doesn't really want to go and Chloe calls him out on wanting to be with his new friend.

They find out Connor might be the new leader of the drug ring, The Spider. The priest is upset and goes to the balcony at Lucifer's place to talk to God. Lucifer is fascinated by this, and by the fact that the priest still has hope for Connor.

Father Frank gets a call and leaves. Chloe and Lucifer try to find Father Frank, but he's left the club. They find him at the church. Doyle, the other counselor urging Connor to shoot the priest. Connor can't do it and Doyle pulls out a gun to shoot Connor, but the priest jumps in the way and gets shot.

He has a deep conversation with Lucifer as he is dying. Lucifer is quite upset. When the priest dies, he becomes angry and attacks Doyle, but Chloe talks him down.

Afterwards, Lucifer doesn't want to talk to Chloe and goes back to his place. Chloe and Dan are at her place to talk about their kiss, but Chloe doesn't feel like talking and leaves. She goes to the bar to try to comfort Lucifer. He's touched that she considers him a friend.

At a diner, Malcolm is enjoying breakfast when Amenadiel shows up. He reminds Malcolm that he brought him back to life to do something and if he doesn't do it, he will send him back to Hell. Amenadiel wants Malcolm to kill Lucifer because killing Lucifer will send him back to hell.


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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You thought it'd be a good idea to rope me into your imaginary family feud?


Dr. Martin: Have you ever considered that all of this excessive partying is your attempt to fill a void?
Lucifer: Attempt? I filled five voids last night.