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A hi-tech art heist is taking place and it seems Magnum is doing the heisting. He gets in to crash a party. From heist outfit to black tie. Like James Bond.

He was doing a test to see how easy it would be to break into to the room for a client, Jack Candler -- the owner's gallery.

Candler is giving a speech at his party before opening the gallery to his guests. It's a charity event and Higgins is there too.

Magnum is in the room with one of Candler's people, Tracy, talking about art when the doors open and he takes off. She's flirting with him when the doors open. Magnum sees Higgins and they wonder why the other is there.

Candler calls Higgins, Jules. Higgins guesses how Magnum broke in. Magnum seems impressed. He tries to get out, but misses the elevator. Then he's sitting in Candler's bedroom watching the game.

Jump to three days later. Magnum is kayaking and telling stories to the audience.

When he's done he's visiting on the shore by Higgins and Det. Katsumoto. Candler was murdered and the paintings were stolen. The murderer used the same methods Magnum did to break into the gallery. He's under suspicion!

Magnum arrives at Candler's house to inspect the scene with Katsumoto and Higgins. She's very interested in the case because Candler was a friend.

Higgins and Magnum confront James Chen about the incident. 

Magnum turns to Rick and TC for help in solving the crime. Both of them tell Magnum they're busy but once Magnum tells them Masters is coming in for Candler's funeral, they're on board.

Rick learns that TC minored in art history as they do their leg of the investigation. They're trying to find out information about the stolen art.

Magnum talks with an insurance company rep (Allie) about the report he submitted. 

Magnum gets a call from Rick and TC about what they've found out so far. The description they give of the possible suspect is someone Magnum remembers from the party. Allie knows who the guy was.

Magnum breaks into Christophe's house and finds his big lead dead in the pool.

The police and Katsumoto are at the murder scene. Magnum finds the dead guy's cell phone and pockets it.

Katsumoto tells Magnum he's a suspect.

When he leaves, he can't access Chrisophe's phone because a finger id is required.

Rick calls Magnum and tells him that TC went to art school.

Magnum goes to Higgins to ask her to break into Christophe's phone and she shares a story about her relationship with Candler.

The police arrive at the estate with a search warrant but no paintings are found. However, Magnum is taken in when it's learned that the paintings were found at a storage facility with Magnum's name on the lease.

Katsumoto is questioning Magnum and it gets a bit tense, but eventually, Magnum is released.

Higgins is waiting for Magnum and gives his information. Chen shows up to collect Candler's paintings. Chen still thinks Magnum did it.

Higgins and Magnum go to an art forger to ask questions and finds him dead too. 

Magnum heads over to Tracy's place and finds her under attack by James Chen. Magnum helps Tracy escape with Chen chasing after.  Tracy admits what she did to Magnum and she goes after him with a butcher knife.

Chen breaks in and they go at it. Katsumoto arrives. Chen and Tracy are taken into custody.

Magnum brings Higgins a bottle of beer on Candler's funeral day. Robin Masters arrives in a helicopter (though we don't see him). Magnum doesn't know how to tie his tie and yes, she's going to help him tie it. Then they head out.









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Tell me again what you want me to do? I wasn't listening before.


When it comes to art, I'm more of a Dogs Play Poker kind of guy.