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Virginia has been avoiding Dan's calls and plans on going away for a few days, when Libby comes by with the news about Bill and Dennis. Dennis' parents want to be paid in exchange for the charges being dropped and Virginia tells him to do it. Dan surprises Virginia by showing up and asking her to be his wife. She hesitates because of what Bill may do. Before she can say anything more, Bill and Virginia are arrested on suspicions of them running a brothel. When Dan bails Virginia out, she agrees to marry him. After getting her father's permission, the phone rings. Virginia goes back to the police station where Bill has just gotten out. Bill tells her that he loves her, but she says she wants to be happy in addition to the work, so she is leaving with Dan. At the airport, Virginia keeps thinking that Bill is going to show up, but he doesn't.

Bill is very upset at the thought of paying off Dennis' parents. Nora returns to work, but sets Bill up by having him give her more money for her rent. Virginia and Bill are arrested. At the police station, Libby shows up and Bill finally tells her about his affair with Virginia. To Bill's surprise, Libby reveals she's known for a long time, and that she and Virginia made a pact that Virginia would never take him away from his family. Libby yells at Bill for wanting to get a divorce and walks out. When Bill is finally bailed out by Barton, Virginia shows up and tells him about leaving with Dan. Bill tries to catch up to her at the airport, but decides he has lost and has the taxi pull over. 

Libby is saddened because Paul has disappeared and put his house for sale. She is furious when Bill decides to come clean about Virginia and ask for their marriage to be over after everything she gave up for the family. Johnny finds her crying in the bathroom, and she tells him Bill's troubles are not his fault.

Betty spends the entire day trying to wrangle Bill and Virginia because the people from Little Brown and the press are there for their next book release. Their publisher threatens to tell everyone about Bill's legal troubles if Bill and Virginia don't show up.

Barton and Jonathan have spent the night together. Barton takes Jonathan out for his birthday before being interrupted by Betty who needs help with Bill. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Virginia: Dan, I've been so happy with you, but I don't see how you and the work go together. I don't ever see Bill accepting us.
Dan: It's not up to him. Bill can never make you happy. Not as a man to love. You know this. I know this. Virginia, I'm here because I love you, and I want you to be my wife, but I can't run after you trying to make you see things you already know. That I can't do.

You are the biggest fool that I know, but much to my heart's regret, I am the second biggest fool. Oh you cannot begin to understand the things that I have given up for you, the happiness that I have turned my back on for this family.